GERB could support Kiril Petkov –

New houses of Parliament – new happiness. Old players take on new roles. In this stadium, GERB follows the path of the opposition. “We abstained from supporting Nikola Minchev as chairman of the National Assembly because that was the Group’s position in principle. Whoever was suggested, we would abstain from chairing “, explained Radomir Cholakov by GERB.

According to him, Minchev’s job will not be easy. However, he stated that the party would help him. “It seems to me that all political forces are in houses of Parliament must help him restore parliamentarism. However, he will have a problem with the complex negative attitudes towards him houses of Parliament during the last year. They are thanks to the President’s entourage and the leaders of his political formation. “ Cholakov added.

The MP pointed out that GERBlike everyone else, wants a government because the time has come. He also commented on what they would do if Kiril Petkov was nominated for Prime Minister. “It is time to take responsibility. I assume that we can abstain, but I do not rule out supporting him. We’ll be a constructive opposition and we don’t want to be grim critics. ” said Cholakov.

There was also a comment on second place, the GERB took part in the last parliamentary elections. “There are many reasons. There must have been tiredness from 12 years of reign. The Bulgarian loves the new, it’s good to have one. In fact, he was offered a new one twice this year. Once he made the wrong decision, but a new one. The second time he decided on a new one, we hope that it will be better this time, although I am skeptical “, he added Nova TV.


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