Further TCAT service cuts this week due to bus maintenance bottlenecks

Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (TCAT) said earlier this month that “a maintenance backlog on buses caused by a shortage of mechanics” is forcing the agency to reduce service on some of its routes week-by-week, and the service reduction continues next week. This week’s discounts have changed slightly from last week.

“Most of the 54 buses in the TCAT fleet are in good condition, but the need for even the smallest repair can put a bus out of service, adding to an already heavy workload for a meager crew of mechanics,” the agency said in a statement earlier this month. “In addition, pandemic-related supply chain issues are still delaying the delivery of essential parts needed to repair buses.”

routes out of service in the week of November 14 are:

14S (West Hill Shoppers) and 83 (Cornell campus)

routes operation as usual on Service autumn 2022 Timetables are:

11 (College of Ithaca/Commons); 13 (Fall Creek, Aldi, Ithaca High School); 14 (West Hills/Commons); fifteen (Shopping in the Southwest); 20 (Enfield/Commons); 30 (Ithaca Mall, Cornell); 31 (Winston Court, Etna, Cornell); 32 (Airport, Cornell Commons); 36 (Lansing School/Cornell/Commons); 40 (Freeville/Groton/Cornell/Commons); 43Dryden/TC3/Commons); 51 (Eastern Heights/Cornell/Commons); 52 (Caroline/Commons) restored; 53 (Warna/Ellis Hollow/Cornell/Commons); 65 (Danby/Cornell/Commons); 67 (Newfield Commons) restored; and 82 (Cornell Campus); 90 (Cornell Night); and 92 (Cornell night).

routes with reduced service are as follows:

  • 10 (Commons/Cornell loop):

Eliminates late afternoon rides, with the last ride departing from Seneca St. Station at 3:50 PM. Reduced frequency for some morning trips to every 10 minutes instead of every 5 minutes.

  • 17 (TCAT/Fall Creek/Commons):

Eliminates the 7:20 am; 7:28 a.m.; and 16:08 inbound trips from TCAT’s garage. Eliminates the 9:08; 9:34 a.m.; 10:11 a.m.; 17:31 and 19:06 Outbound trips from Seneca St. Station to TCAT garage. (Please note: the 9:56 am ride has been restored.)

  • 21 (Trumansburg/Jacksonville/Commons):

Eliminates both the 7:42. Outbound from Green St. Station and return at 8:15am from Compass Manufactured Home Community.

  • 37 (North Lansing/Cornell/Commons):

Eliminates both the 7:28 AM outbound trip from Green St. Station and the 8:10 AM outbound trip from Lansing Town Hall.

Eliminates the 7:55; 8:27 a.m.; and 8:57 a.m. northbound trips originating from the Boyce Thompson Institute and eliminates the 8:10 a.m.; 8:40am and 9:10am southbound trips from A-Lot.

The agency says they will issue an update every Friday after “analyzing service capabilities in hopes of being able to restore service or, worst case, make further reductions for the week ahead”. TCAT encourages drivers to check theirs bus tracker tool or that Transit app for iPhone or Android for the status of the routes driven. “TCAT apologizes for any inconvenience caused to drivers,” they say.

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