Frontex completes pilot project for biometric entry / exit system in Spain and Bulgaria

The EU border agency Frontex has completed biometric pilot projects for the block Entry-exit system (EES) in Spain and Bulgaria.

Frontex aims to change the way individuals cross borders while protecting security through centralized information about border crossings with EES.

The system registers travelers from non-EU countries when crossing an external EU border and registers their name, travel document, biometric data (fingerprints and facial image) as well as the place and date of entry or exit.

The data will then be compared in full compliance with fundamental rights and the measures for the protection of personal data, according to the authority’s notification.

Frontex recently completed such EES studies in Spain and Bulgaria. Specifically, the system demonstrations took place on the border between Bulgaria and Turkey and Spain and the British territory of Gibraltar.

These included self-service, biometric kiosks, seamless corridors and mobile devices for registering and verifying travelers.

Participants in the pilot projects observed the handling of passengers and received feedback from colleagues who operate the system.

Initial data from the pilots have not yet been publicly released, but the EU says its results will be used by Member States’ border authorities and European agencies while the EU is focusing on the (possibly delayed) Implementation of the EES.

The pilots come months after Coppernic CEO Kevin Lecuivre called for exclusion biometric technologies outside the EU (e.g. from China or elsewhere) as part of the EES. A series of panels and debates Vision-Box recently also held on to the new system.

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