Foreign direct investment in Bulgaria in January-April 2021 was EUR 187.9 million


Foreign direct investments in Bulgaria amounted to 187.9 million euros in the first four months of the year, which corresponds to 0.3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), according to statistics from the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) on June 17th.

In the same period of 2020, the FDI was € 510.3 million, but the NBB originally reported € 154.7 million, which was later revised upwards.

Equity investments, including in the real estate sector, flowed out 116.5 million euros (compared to 47.5 million euros in January-April 2020) and reinvested profits amounted to 585.3 million euros compared to 469.4 million euros in the same period of Previous year.

The net income from real estate investments by foreign companies totaled 0.9 million euros in January-April, compared to an inflow of 0.1 million euros in the same period of the previous year.

The central bank data showed € 280.9 million in investment outflows in the form of debt securities recorded as the change in the net debt of Bulgarian companies to their foreign investor owners compared to inflows of € 88.4 million in the first four months of 2020. Trade credits and bonds, BNB said.

By country, the largest direct investments in Bulgaria from January to April came from the Netherlands (218.5 million euros) and France (146.1 million euros). Notable net outflows were recorded to the UK (-191.1 million euros), Russia (-145.2 million euros) and Belgium (86.9 million euros).

According to preliminary figures, Bulgarian foreign investments rose in the first four months of the year by 36.3 million euros compared to 77.2 million euros in the same period in 2020, announced the NBB.

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