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The situation remains difficult in the villages of Bogdan and Karavelovo Karlovo Region. There are a total of seven villages in the area that have declared a partial state of emergency. President Rumen Radev also arrived in the village from Karavelovo before noon. He met people affected by the floods.

36 people were rescued that night using boats and various alpine techniques in the Karavelovo and Bogdan area. Among them is a 90-year-old woman who is currently being cared for by the emergency services. All those in need are housed and cared for, and those who need medical help are housed in the city hospital Karlovo but these are patients with chronic illnesses that didn’t hurt anyone water Element. A temporary bridge is being built with it today water and groceries can be delivered to the remote parts of Bogdan and Karavelovo.

The situation in the region’s villages affected by the floods remains critical. People are no longer in danger, but are upset by the damage to their homes and property. Luckily, the upper floors of the houses saved them from worse incidents.

Was your family at risk?

It was in the attic of this house. With my mother, daughter-in-law and child – one and a half years old. They were rescued by civil defense. I don’t know how they saved her. I am very grateful to them!” said Nesho Nankov to the BNT team in the area.

We understand that you are one of the people who were evacuated by helicopter, there was no other way to save yourself.

Yes, the boys came, we were on the floor. Firefighters, divers. My wife can’t walk. They brought a trough, took her with the trough and we put her on the water. Thanks to these guys we would have died there if it wasn’t for them‘ said Tsenko Nankov.

More than 24 hours after the flood in Karavelovo, people still have no access to their homes. Mud and huge logs stop 78-year-old Ivan Nechkov at the entrance. Many people are convinced that the heavy rains are not the only cause of the floods.

One hundred percent – that the rivers will not be cleaned either. Previously they gave a dry mass for cutting to clean the riverbeds, now – nothing. They cut head-on, the canyons fill up… That’s a wave, it can’t happen to us that easilysaid Nesho Nankov.

The institutions are convinced that the large amounts of precipitation are the cause of the disaster. Climate change requires new measures at state level for a more comprehensive interaction of state structures, emphasized Defense Chief Admiral Emil Eftimov.

We cooperate with the fire brigade and the Emergency Security Directorate, but it seems that the time has come to think about civil defense, volunteer units … The favorable factors are that it happened near the permanent deployment sites of our garrisons and we can react quickly. But if it happens in a remote place, far from our garrisons, the options are limited”said Defense Chief Admiral Emil Yevtimov.

As emergency response teams work in the hardest-hit areas, imagery from the areas of the nearby villages of Trilistnik and Chernozemen over the past few hours shows that the Stryama River has continued to flow and has reached more settlements. BNT reported that the mayor of Trilistnik organized the evacuation of families from the village.

Farmers affected by the floods in the Karlovo The region can apply for funding

Farmers affected by the floods in the Karlovo The region can submit requests for assistance and inspections starting today – September 3, 2022. Depending on the location of the real estate, the documents are received at the Municipal Services “Agriculture”. Given the short deadlines, the services will work without a day off. Aid will be granted based on investigation protocols and funds will be disbursed as soon as possible, reports the Ministry of Agriculture.

Applications can be made within 10 days of the occurrence of the event. An inspection of an affected area is carried out when circumstances permit an assessment of the damage. Farmers with 100% devastated land will be supported by state aid to compensate for damage to agricultural crops caused by adverse climatic events that are equated to a natural disaster, the announcement further said.

President Rumen Radev from the flood area: “The most important thing is to make sure that no one is endangered

President Rumen Radev arrived today in the area of ​​the five villages Karlovo Region badly damaged after heavy rains and floods yesterday.

The most important thing is to continue the inspection to ensure that no one is at risk. When the situation calms down, describe the damage so that the state can help by any means necessary. We know from before, obviously and in the future we will face similar challenges, we need to think in terms of emergency prevention teams. There must be very well prepared specialists‘ said the head of state.

The military built a temporary bridge in the village from Bogdan, the main task today is the delivery of groceries and water

In which village from Bogdan before noon today, soldiers of the 61st Stryama Mechanized Brigade built a temporary bridge. However, it is not yet passable as it needs to be further strengthened.

Since morning, emergency workers have been going from house to house to make sure there are no people in distress.

The main task for today is the supply of food and water for the populated areas, said Brigadier General Deyan Deshkov.

The Stryama River flooded Trilistnik, people are being evacuated

That village from Trelistnik is below water, said the mayor of the municipality of Maritsa, Dimitar Ivanov, who is staying in the village. That water has even invaded the higher parts of the village. According to Ivanov, the situation is dire because the village is blocked from both sides. Currently, around 50 people have been evacuated with the help of two firefighting teams, volunteers and tractors.

We seek help from all institutions to help with the disaster“, he added.

According to the mayor, the water Not only is it out of the flow, he acknowledged that it’s possible walls of dams broke too.

The head of the National Service “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population” Nikolay Nikolov informed that the situation in Trilistnik is currently calm water is about 50 cm.

He added that 40 people had been evacuated, 2 Air Force helicopters assisted in the evacuation and heavy equipment from the Ministry of Agriculture would rebuild the dike or create new openings to release the water.

Businessman Krasimir Kumchev said that the tidal wave reached the village around 8:30 a.m.

Half of village is under water. The people who were evacuated and are standing in front of our farm yard said that when they left their houses there was five feet of water. Separately, a large part of agricultural land is under water.”

He said that some of the people went to Rogosh, others to Plovdiv.

Kumchev explained that this year “irrigation systems” did not clean the troughs of their facilities – irrigation and drainage channels and for this reason – for a long time water overflows very quickly.

That water flooded AM “Trakia” near Plovdiv towards Sofia

The hard shoulder at km 134 of the Trakia motorway in the direction of Sofia is flooded. For this reason, movement is only possible in the left, active lane, warned the Plovdiv police department.

Motorists should be careful and follow the instructions of the police officers who are on site.

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