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SOFIA (Bulgaria), Sept. 20 (SeeNews) – Bulgaria will receive financial support of 92.5 million Swiss francs (95.6 million US dollars/95.9 million euros) from Switzerland after the two countries announced on Tuesday have signed a framework agreement for renewed cooperation by the end of 2029. said the Bulgarian interim government.

The funds will be made available under a cohesion mechanism for Swiss contributions to selected EU member states, with Bulgaria becoming the first of 13 countries to end negotiations with an agreement, the government said in a statement.

In this second Bulgarian-Swiss cooperation programme, Swiss support is organized through nine local programs in the fields of education, training, culture, environment and civil society. The scholarships are not cumulated with other types of funding.

Up to CHF 5 million will be paid out to promote dual vocational training to reduce youth unemployment.

Scientific research and development is being funded through the SCIEX and PROMYS programs with around CHF 10 million, while a total of CHF 9.2 million is earmarked for security and migration-related initiatives such as the prevention of crime and human trafficking. and the fight against corruption.

Environmental goals such as improving air quality, waste management, energy efficiency and nature conservation will be supported with a total of 45 million Swiss francs, while initiatives in healthcare, health prevention and the integration of vulnerable groups will be supported with 11.5 million Swiss francs. Up to CHF 10 million will be made available to promote civic engagement.

In 2010 the first agreement for a bilateral cooperation program between Bulgaria and Switzerland was signed. By 2019, 66 projects and 118 organizations had been financed with a total of CHF 76 million.

The second Swiss contribution, managed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), sees the provision of total grants of CHF 1.302 billion between 2019 and 2029 for 13 EU member states – Bulgaria – , Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

(1 Swiss franc = $1,034/1,037 euros)

Massive 7.7 magnitude earthquake rocks Mexico – Tue, 20 Sep 2022 06:21:23 +0000

A mighty one earthquake from size 7.7 shook up the southwest coast Mexico on Monday killed at least one person.

The quake struck after 1 p.m. EST with the epicenter near the Michoacan state coast, CNN reported, citing the US Geological Survey Data. Strong shaking was felt in nearby Colima, which is about 100 kilometers from the epicenter, while mild to moderate shaking was felt Mexico City. In addition, according to local media, several buildings are being closed by firefighters due to the risk of collapse.

One person died at a mall in Manzanillo, in western Colima state, after a fence fell, but no known casualties or damage have yet been recorded Mexico City, said the city’s mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported CNN.

According to the USGS, the quake struck about 37 kilometers southeast of the city of Aquila at a depth of about 15.1 kilometers, after which a tsunami It was immediately warned.

However, the Pacific tsunami Warning Center said the tsunami The threat is largely over as the latest readings showed a drop in wave height.

The Mexican Pacific coast in particular lies in the so-called Ring of Fire, also known as the seismically active zone, which is often hit by strong earthquakes.

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Bulgaria: Almost 100 houses in flooded villages of Karlovo region may be demolished – Mon, 19 Sep 2022 12:58:21 +0000

96 Houses in the villages of Bogdan, Karavelovo and Slatina will be appraised in stages by a civil engineer over the next few days. Conclusions are drawn as to whether the studied dwellings are repairable or should be demolished. Protocols are drawn up on the activities carried out and made available to the property owners. If, according to experts, the building cannot be repaired, the municipality will help organize the documents and their physical removal. Owners whose homes are habitable will be given basic building materials to complete the repairs. Read about the devastating floods that ravaged the region here.

The payment of the one-time social assistance of BGN 375 (EUR 191) by the Social Assistance Agency started today. The money was transferred via bank transfer or to the relevant post offices from where victims can receive it. The agency reminds you of this persons those who have suffered but have not applied for help can still do so – by post, email or in person.

Work continues on the restoration water Supply in the villages affected by the floods. That water The supply in the village of Slatina has been restored. The work of water Care teams are hampered in survival by frequent breakdowns water supply network. Because of this, in some parts of the village of Karavelovo the water was stopped again after the water Power was restored late last week.

That water in the community Karlovo is still not suitable for drinking and cooking as a result of the disaster, but the data shows that the indicators are gradually improving. RHI – Plovdiv is expected to comment on when and in which settlements the non-domestic use ban will be lifted.

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The unit of CWP Global is planning a EUR 614 million onshore wind project in Bulgaria Mon, 19 Sep 2022 11:34:00 +0000

September 19 (Renewables Now) – Dobrotich Wind, a subsidiary of Australian renewables developer CWP Global, plans to invest BGN1.2bn (US$612.2m/€613.5m) in the construction of an onshore Invest in wind farms with 74 turbines in north-eastern Bulgaria.

Equipped with turbines with a planned capacity of up to 8 MW each, the wind farm to be built in the Varna region will be able to generate enough electricity to meet the needs of 440,000 households, Dobrotich Wind said in a press release on Monday.

Up to 50 turbines will be installed in six villages in the municipality of Valchi Dol and another 24 in five villages in the municipality of Vetrino.

Dobrotich Wind will not use any EU grants, government investment or discounted electricity purchase prices to finance the project, the company added.

“The area was chosen for its combination of very good wind potential, low environmental risk and the availability of suitable power transmission infrastructure. The project will be implemented with the latest wind generators using the latest and most advanced technologies,” Dobrotich Wind said in the statement.

The investor is willing to provide around 14,000 local residents with long-term electricity support, which would cover the total consumption of 1,200 KWh per year for a period of 35 years from the wind farm’s commissioning.

“In addition, we have taken into account a possible future indexation of electricity prices for household customers and are ready to take on up to BGN 500 per year for household electricity bills in case of price increases,” Biliana Petrova, managing director of Dobrotich Wind said in the statement.

CWP Global has been working on large-scale green energy projects in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) since 2010 and currently has a 3,000 MW renewable energy pipeline in Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania.

According to Electricity System Operator (ESO), Bulgaria had 701 MW of installed wind capacity at the end of 2021. The country’s largest wind farm is the 156 MW St Nikola Wind Farm, located near the north-eastern town of Kavarna.

The national plan for the expansion of the electricity grid 2022-2031 envisages the use of 4,858 MW of renewable energy, of which 343 MW from wind energy.

However, in the spring, the Bulgarian Wind Energy Association called for the forecast wind capacity for 2026-2031 to be increased to 4,500 MW to better reflect alleged investment proposals and strong potential investor interest.

CWP and commodities group Mercuria Energy Trading joined forces last year for the CWP Europe joint venture, signaling a potential investment of over BGN 1 billion in renewable energy projects in Bulgaria.

(1 BGN = 0.510 USD/0.511 EUR)

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All-inclusive resorts aren’t just for the Caribbean — Hyatt is headed to Bulgaria Sun, 18 Sep 2022 17:05:03 +0000

For the most part, all-inclusive resorts have always fit the same mold in the same general travel destinations. We’re talking watered-down drinks and subpar food at resorts dotted along the beaches of the Caribbean and Mexico.

Recently, however, the tide has turned for the all-inclusive experience. Big hotel companies — including Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt — have invested big bucks to break all-inclusive stereotypes while amassing resorts around the world. It was almost like a game of Monopoly – but one with unlimited tequila and random breaks in limbo with your mother-in-law.

In this game, Hyatt has just made one of the most interesting moves yet: It has added five resorts in Bulgaria to the Black Sea to The Inclusive Collection.

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Hyatt’s new additions

Last year, Hyatt completed its roughly $2.7 billion acquisition of Apple Leisure Group, adding about 100 all-inclusive properties to the company’s collection. These resorts are made up of a number of all-inclusive brands, including Secrets Resorts & Spas, Dreams Resorts & Spas, and Breathless Resorts & Spas.

Now World of Hyatt members can earn and redeem points for stays at these Apple Leisure Group hotels along with Hyatt’s own Hyatt Zilara and Ziva resorts. However, because all-inclusive resorts operate a little differently than other hotels and resorts, Hyatt has also decided to introduce a special award table exclusive to all-inclusive properties.

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While the company already operates a few all-inclusive resorts in (or planned) Greece and Spain, renaming these five all-inclusive resorts in Bulgaria is Hyatt’s first step into the Black Sea all-inclusive market.

The five resorts are spread over two Bulgarian holiday areas, Sunny Beach and Obzor. These are popular destinations for European holidaymakers and are known to be extremely affordable. Here is a full list of properties and a brief description:

  • Secrets Resort & Spa: A 335-room adults-only resort in Sunny Beach.
  • Dream Resort & Spa: A 597-room, family-friendly resort adjacent to Secrets in Sunny Beach.
  • AluaSun: A 191 room resort in Obzor.
  • Alua Resort: A 318 room resort in Obzor.
  • Breathless Resort & Spa: A 395 room resort in Sunny Beach.

Of the five resorts being rebranded and renovated, all will adopt the new branding in 2023, with the exception of Breathless, where it is planned for 2024.

Totally new image for all inclusive

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: all-inclusive resorts are getting a new lease of life.

All-inclusive resorts thrived during the pandemic; They were built in a way to provide travelers with everything they needed at that time, including space, convenience and seclusion. This trend appears to be continuing as travelers realize that an all-inclusive vacation can be more than just a trip to a tropical location.

Accor’s Rixos brand offers luxury all-inclusive experiences at more than two dozen hotels in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Croatia and Kazakhstan. In Croatia, guests at the Rixos Premium Dubrovnik can enjoy an all-inclusive experience at a clifftop resort tucked away on the Dalmatian coast, and still step out of the resort to explore Dubrovnik’s UNESCO-listed Old Town.

All-inclusive vacations can also cater for winter activities like skiing or snowboarding. A defining brand in the all-inclusive movement, Club Med has a number of all-inclusive ski resorts that are great for both seasoned pros and newcomers to winter sports. You’ll find these resorts in Europe, Japan, China and even Canada at the new Cub Med Québec Charlevoix. Who needs margaritas and sun when there’s snow and après ski?

Or, for a truly wild experience, you could take a page out of TPG author Ben Smithson’s book and take a trip to the cheapest all-inclusive resort in Egypt; it only cost him $41.46 a night.

The bottom line is, whether you love or hate all-inclusive resorts, they’re here to stay.

If these properties – from Croatia to the Black Sea to the snow-capped mountains of Canada – don’t already do it for you, give it some time. The new-age history of all-inclusive resorts is just beginning to unfold.

Injured police officers and prisoners at EuroPride in Serbia – Sun, 18 Sep 2022 09:01:55 +0000

Serbian Police clashed during the EuroPride March in Belgrade yesterday afternoon, reported DPA, quoted by BTA. Several thousand people joined the LGBT community parade.

The procession was on the occasion of the end of EuroPride Week – an event held in a different city of the continent every year. After protests by nationalist and religious groups who Serbian The government banned the parade last week. After appeals from the European Union and human rights defenders, however, the procession was allowed, albeit on a shorter route, the DPA notes. Today the participants are in EuroPride walked a few hundred meters to Tasmajdan Stadium where a concert was taking place.

Serbian Police clashed with two far-right groups trying to stop Gay Pride parade, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said. She added that 10 police officers were slightly injured, five police cars were damaged and 64 protesters were arrested.

I am very proud that we were able to avoid more serious incidents“, Ana Brnabic told reporters. herself a lesbian Brnabic is Serbia’s first LGBT Prime Minister.

previous Serbian Governments have canceled gay parades, drawing criticism, including from human rights groups. Such marches met fierce resistance at the beginning of this century and were overshadowed by violence. However, recent gay pride parades in Serbia have been peaceful, a change cited by EuroPride Organizers as one of the reasons why they chose Belgrade to host the event this year, noted DPA.

Last year, EuroPride took place in Copenhagen.

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In Bulgaria, Soviet war memorials are turning into ghosts Sat, 17 Sep 2022 10:13:24 +0000

SOFIA – It’s hard not to miss the massive 11-meter-tall statue that towers over Plovdiv and stands proudly on the Bulgarian city’s second-highest hill.

The giant figure named Alyosha, a generic diminutive referring to Soviet soldiers, honors the Red Army soldiers who fought in Bulgaria during World War II. Some sources, including the Russian Foreign Ministry, legal action that Alyosha was based on a photo of a real Russian soldier then fighting in Bulgaria.

The Red Army Monument in the Black Sea city of Burgas.

With Russia now waging an unprovoked war against Ukraine, Soviet war memorials have attracted renewed attention across Eastern Europe, with memorials honoring the recently crushed Red Army in Poland and Latvia.

French artist Mitch Brezunek has found a new and unique way to confront the past: by turning Alyosha into a ghost. The digital manipulation is part of his exhibition The Ghost Is Here, which opened September 9 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second-largest city and cultural hub.

During communist rule, Red Army memorials were erected throughout Bulgaria to honor Soviet soldiers and their role in defeating Nazi Germany in World War II. They were considered symbols of Bulgarian-Soviet friendship, even though the Red Army occupied Bulgaria and the Soviet Union declared war on the country in 1944.

Brezunek has digitally transformed a monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia.

Brezunek has digitally transformed a monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia.

After the fall of communism, Soviet monuments and war memorials throughout the former Eastern Bloc became lightning rods for discussion and reckoning with the past. Angered by Soviet occupation and more recent Russian military intervention, many have advocated removing the statues and monuments — proposals that have drawn the ire of Russian officials and sparked public and diplomatic controversy.

There have been several attempts to remove Alyosha in Bulgaria, but none have been successful.

When Estonia removed a World War II memorial from central Tallinn in 2007, the city was wracked by violent unrest and the country suffered a massive cyberattack that was later blamed on Russian hackers.

In a play called Oligarchies, the Red Army monument in <a class=Varna is upgraded with a luxury yacht.” src=””/>

In a play called Oligarchies, the Red Army monument in Varna is upgraded with a luxury yacht.

Born in France in 1989, Brezunek has been living and working in Plovdiv since 2016. However, the Soviet monuments impressed him when he first came to Bulgaria 12 years ago and began to study the country’s history.

“These monuments are everywhere here. They never go unnoticed because of their size and location. In Plovdiv, for example, Alyosha dominates the city and the sky,” the Frenchman told RFE/RL. “It’s impossible not to ask yourself every time you see the monument: ‘Why is it here? And how did it end up here and what message is it sending us?'”

In his exhibition, Brezunek digitally alters images of 12 Soviet monuments in different cities across Bulgaria, their transformations, the artist said, are not only a message about the past but also a reflection on Bulgaria’s present as a member of the European Union.

Monuments are all around us for a reason, Brezunek said while promoting the show, to remind us of the past and the mistakes we made.

“Can we learn from past missteps and create a better future? The spirit is here to remind us that history often repeats itself,” says Brezunek.

The veiled Aljoscha at Brezunek's exhibition.

The veiled Aljoscha at Brezunek’s exhibition.

The heart of the exhibition is a 7.5 meter high screen, on which a slightly smaller Aljoscha transforms into a giant ghost. The other Red Army monuments that Brezunek has digitally transformed are the Hill of Soviet Soldiers in the city of Dobrich and the Monument to Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship in the port and seaside resort of Varna. Other monuments were located in Sofia, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Ruse and Byala Slatina.

Taken together, they form the final component of Brezunek’s exhibition, a 3D digital map that, as the artist puts it, shows “the two faces of Bulgaria”. On the one hand the past, the monuments of the Soviet army, on the other “the present, Bulgaria’s membership in the European Union”.

Brezunek also uses his art to raise money for Ukraine, which has been waging an all-out war against Russia since February 24. a unique digital collectible based on blockchain technology:

According to the exhibition organizers, each 3D artwork at the Monuments-in-Flux will be sold every week through November 9, with 70 percent of the proceeds going to support artists and cultural events in Ukraine and Bulgaria.

In recent years, NFTs have become popular in the world of arts, culture and sports, despite regulatory and environmental concerns. “3D is a fantastic feature because you don’t have physical limitations, so you can really explore a new kind of creative freedom,” Brezunek told RFE/RL.

The Soviet Monument in Dobrich.

The Soviet Monument in Dobrich.

According to Brezunek, the digital artwork is just the first phase of the project. In 2023 he is planning a physical installation at the Aljoscha memorial: “I would very much like to see Aljoscha as a phantom under a golden shroud,” he said.

The date – September 9 – that Brezunek chose to open the exhibition was no coincidence. Four days earlier, in 1944, the Soviet Union declared war on Axis ally Bulgaria. And on September 9th there was a coup d’état in which the government of Konstantin Muraviev was overthrown and the pro-communist resistance movement, the Fatherland Front, took power, marking the beginning of Bulgaria’s communist regime, which remained in power until 1989 .

Watch: JOE LYNN TURNER performs rock classics with Bulgarian rock band AXAT Fri, 16 Sep 2022 20:46:57 +0000

former RAINBOW and DARK PURPLE Singer Joe Lynn Turner joined the Bulgarian rock band AXAT on stage last Wednesday (September 14) in Vratsa, Bulgaria to perform several classical songs. The video of his performance can be seen below.

earlier this month, gymnast said it was “absolutely liberating” to finally ditch the hairpiece he’s worn since he was 14 after being diagnosed with alopecia at the age of three.

The singer, who turned 71 last month, went public with his new look on August 25 in a series of promotional images released to promote his forthcoming solo album. “Belly of the Beast”. In a press release for the LP, yeah said he started wearing the wig to cope with “emotional and psychological damage from cruel bullying at school.”

“In a way, it’s a blessing and a curse” yeah authorized. “I don’t have to prove anything, and I can wear a wig – or not. I’m free to do whatever I want. I am a grown man and I am becoming an older man.

“Many men in this business eventually choose to continue wearing hair or shave their heads, which is very fashionable today. In any case, it takes a lot of personal courage. Assholes in high school trying to kick me around made me stronger and gave me the motivation and strength I needed to rise above the rest. Anger and pain are great tools. When used properly, it can evolve you to become the best version of yourself. Instead of running away, I hid in plain sight.'”

In a new interview with the “Rock Of Nations with Dave Kinchen and Shane McEachern” podcast, yeah talked about what it was like finally getting rid of the wig after all these years. He said (as transcribed from BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “It’s absolutely liberating. First I’m going to give a little background. It was an open secret. It wasn’t like I was trying to fool people or ever denying it or anything. In fact, I never thought of it was that important but sure let’s say haters or whatever these bigots these bullies they would always shoot at me which i always thought was pretty jealous to be honest it said more about them than me. They’re not my type of people. What about the music? That’s what’s important.”

He continued, “I knew this would be on my so-called bucket list before I left this planet. And while we were making this record, I started to feel, ‘Something has to happen.’ And my partner, wife, co-manager – she’s amazing – she just said, ‘Now’s the time, man.’ And I said, ‘You know, you’re right.’ Even though I was apprehensive – of course she would know I’d be a little scared because you’re stepping your foot into unfamiliar territory – she said, ‘You know what? you more.’ And she was Damn it good right. Once you’re yourself, people love you more because you come out and say, “That’s me. I have nothing to hide. I don’t have to prove anything. Record your shots. Do what you have to do. And hey, here’s the record by the way. What now?'”

Alopecia areata is a disease that occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles and causes hair loss. Hair follicles are the structures in the skin that grow hair. While hair can be lost on any part of the body, alopecia areata usually affects the head and face. Hair typically falls out in small, round patches about the size of a quarter, but in some cases the hair loss is larger. Most people with the disease are healthy and have no other symptoms.

Alopecia became a topic of discussion in mainstream media in March as an actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock In the oscars Ceremony. WillHis wife, the 50-year-old actress Jade Pinkett SmithShe has had hair loss due to alopecia and has always shared her struggle openly. The confrontation took place afterwards rock made a joke and called Pinkett Smith “GI Jane” regarding her baldness, which she previously explained is due to alopecia. The shocking incident saw Will to meet Storm on stage Chris after the insulting comment, before returning to his seat and yelling “keep my wife’s name out of your friggin’ mouth” just before collecting his best actor gong for his role “King Richard”.

A few hours later yeah posted his new photos on social media for the first time, ex-colleagueRAINBOW Singer Graham Bonnet took to his Facebook page to share one of the images, and he wrote in an accompanying message, “Hi everyone. Graham here. I am posting this photo of my friend Joe Lynn Turner because today I was moved to tears when I saw it.

yeah illustrates the meaning of rock star. His courage is overwhelming. This industry is ruthless (especially in our genre), especially when it comes to hair. I still hear the story about Ritchie Blackmore post a guard at my hotel door to stop me from getting my hair cut. By the way, that never happened, even though he was so mad when I went to the barber.

“But I digress…I don’t know if yeah I will see, but I want him to know how proud I am of him and how touched I was by his honesty.

“You blazed a trail today yeah. If you are reading this, I want you to know that I never realized what a beautiful man you are until I saw this photo.”

yeah was the singer of RAINBOW between 1980 and 1984 and he sang on the album “Hard to Cure”which contained the band’s most successful UK single, “I give up”.

While gymnast‘s time with RAINBOWthe band had their first US chart success and recorded songs that helped define the melodic rock genre.

1990 saw gymnast reunited with RAINBOW Leader Ritchie Blackmore in a reformed DARK PURPLE for the “Slaves and Masters” Album.

Intertrust and Sofia Digital Partner for Direct-to-TV Services Fri, 16 Sep 2022 10:46:25 +0000

Intertrust and Sofia Digital have partnered to offer Direct-to-TV services using ExpressPlay XCA

Operators looking to implement direct-to-smart TV applications for video services must combine the needs of legacy broadcast systems and modern broadband systems to help consumers increase subscriber retention and average revenue per user.

This means robust content security that meets the needs of Hollywood studios while minimizing the cost of emerging technology.

In light of these trends, the two highlight the benefits of new standards-based technologies such as HbbTV OpApp, which enable operators to build their own broadcast and OTT TV services directly from smart TVs with or without a set-top box.

According to Intertrust and Sofia Digital, Intertrust XCA Conditional Access is a suitable bridge technology for this transformation.

Built on the Marlin open standard for digital rights management, XCA is, in the couple’s words, “DRM in conditional access clothes,” meaning it’s compatible with DRM schemes while morphing into a transitional CA headend is implemented. In addition, the cost point for XCA is far lower than any other CA system. XCA is an easy choice for operators due to its availability on most televisions in Europe.

The two say they have delivered an XCA-enabled system for the German platform HD+ and look forward to announcing additional operator partners worldwide at a later date.

“We wanted to offer operators a cost-saving way to modernize their distribution platform through a simple API integration that gives consumers freedom of choice to seamlessly access content. By combining Sofia Digital HbbTV Application with Intertrust ExpressPlay XCA, operators can avoid the costly set-top box device and offer customers superior direct-to-TV services,” said Manas Matti, Managing Director, ExpressPlay.

“Sofia Digital has been at the forefront of developing HbbTV and operator applications. Our company is excited to partner with Intertrust and Smart TV manufacturers to create new ways to access premium broadcast and OTT content,” said Juho Mäyränpää, Sales Director at Sofia Digital.

52 Entertainment from France buys the Bulgarian game developer Casualino Thu, 15 Sep 2022 14:36:00 +0000

SOFIA (Bulgaria), 15 September (SeeNews) – French e-gaming solution provider 52 Entertainment announced that it has acquired Bulgarian game development studio Casualino, strengthening its region-specific capabilities particularly in board and card games.

The transaction is a major acquisition for the French company and puts it on track to achieve its goal of becoming a major global digital company in the entertainment industry, 52 Entertainment said in a press release last week.

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The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The target deal is valued at around 90 million levs (US$46 million/€46 million), Bulgarian business daily Capital reported.

Founded by current CEO Radostin Petrov, Casualino is a subsidiary of Varna-based Zariba Group, which specializes in mobile game development and publishing. Founded in 2014, Casualino has focused on the development of multiplayer and single-player card and board games on the Internet, with its products based on HTML5, suitable for mobile and web games.

The acquired company has around one million monthly active users in 42 live games with brands popular in France, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia and the USA

The deal will allow Casualino to access 52 Entertainment’s capabilities in strategic deployment through technology functionalities, marketing, data sharing and global cross-functional opportunities, the French company said.

52 Entertainment is headquartered in Paris and has offices in 19 countries with over 200 employees. It is best known for online bridge and tarot games, as well as e-sailing, which it expanded after acquiring online sailing simulator Virtual Regatta in 2021.

(1 euro = 1.95583 levs)