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False start of the procedure to remove the Bulgarian Attorney General Ivan Geshev. That Supreme Judicial Council again did not start the debate on the signals against Geshev. After 3 hours of argument and several procedural steps, the meeting was adjourned and the proceedings postponed.

The reason – the Supreme Administrative Court admitted the signal of the former Minister of Justice Yanaki Stoilov. However, there were irregularities in it that must be rectified within 7 days.

The meeting of Supreme Judicial Council started with anticipation. “I expect to improve my cultural level and legal knowledge in the ongoing sessions of the Plenary of the Supreme Judicial Council. If it wasn’t funny, it would have been sad.” said the Attorney General.

“It is high time for Bulgaria to get a prosecutor who owes the public something, who shares and upholds high moral standards, and protects people’s rights without violating them. Attorney General not hiding behind police brutality”said Minister of Justice Nadezhda Yordanova.

Instead of debating, the staff bogged down in procedural matters. The first obstacle was the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court, which obliges them to rule on the request of Acting Minister of Justice Yanaki Stoilov. Last summer he also wished Geshev an early resignation from the post, but the signal was never considered.

“I support Prof. Stoilov’s decision, I know him. Many of the circumstances speak in favor of an early termination of Geshev’s term, which we have also claimed.” said Nadezhda Jordanova.

“Instead of going through the television studios constantly making, most likely, false statements of a political nature that are likely to undermine the reputation of the judiciary, the Attorney General should present them in the plenary session of the Federal Court of Justice Supreme Judicial Council said Ivan Geshev.

“If there are incorrect data, please have them identified and stated”, commented Jordanova.

“Your request is just nothing” Geshev was adamant.

There are no specific facts and circumstances in the request from Yanaki Stoilov, members of the Supreme Judicial Council Claim. So they gave the Attorney General a week to rectify these deficiencies. “I do not intend to deviate significantly from it,” said Jordanova.

So that the two demands can be debated together, Nadezhda Yordanova has postponed them to next month. On May 4, staff will decide whether the acting minister’s property complies with the rules for removing the chief prosecutor.

Meanwhile, another protest by the BOEC Civil Association took place in front of the SJC building. This time they exited a chemical toilet in front of the Justice Parliament.

On the application for the early release of Attorney Generalpresented by the Minister of Justice Nadezhda Yordanova, the Supreme Judicial Council need to add the 4 signals from Yanaki Stoilov.

The first case relates to police violence on July 10, 2020 during a protest against the government and the Attorney General. On twitter, Ivan Geshev commented that he stands “behind the Home Office’s lawful action against provocations.”

According to Justice Minister Nadezhda Jordanova, there is a problem with this statement. This is the opinion of her predecessor, Ivan Demerdzhiev. “The situation with the beaten children under the pillars of the Council of Ministers. You can’t have one Attorney General that comes out and encourages these actions and determines them as legitimate. he commented.

Former constitutional judge Blagovest Punev believes the reputation of the judiciary could be damaged by Twitter messages. “The other question is whether these violations were committed by the Attorney General’s Office and secondly, whether the statute of limitations has not expired.” he said.

Minister Yordanova also found violations of basic principles of independence and impartiality in the cases of the Eight Dwarfs, in the case of the poisoning of arms dealer Emilian Gebrev, in the random distribution of cases, and in Geshev’s instructions on transport crimes.

“The Attorney General cannot be charged with anything other than a serious violation, systematic violations and damage to the reputation of the judiciary,” said Blagovest Punev.

That Supreme Judicial Council must also decide on the signals given by former Minister Yanaki Stoilov last summer, namely violations of the principles of impartiality and decency.

“My understanding is that both motions will be decided by a decision that there is no reason to remove them Attorney General” said Natalia Kiselova, a lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Sofia.

17 votes from a total of 22 members are required to release Geshev.

“With the requirement of 17 votes, such a result would be difficult to achieve since he was elected by the same SJC with 20 votes.” said Blagovest Punev.

Such a trial against one of the three key members of the judiciary is unprecedented, judges said.

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