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Prof Yordanka Stoilova from the department “Epidemiology and Disaster Medicine “at Plovdiv Medical University commented on the situation with the BNR pandemic in Bulgaria. Dnevnik published the highlights of her interview.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 1,918 new cases in the last 24 hours

The Department of Health and the Chief State Health Inspector are provided by their national pandemic To plan. This plan is very complete and accurate. The problem, however, is whether it is observed.

Masks, for example, are not always worn by themselves indoors where many people gather, such as in shops. Or worn incorrectly. Wearing the mask under the nose is absolutely pointless for me, as it is an airborne infection and we breathe in the virus. The mask should be over the nose, Masks with a higher degree of protection should be worn, ordinary surgical ones should be changed and discarded every hour and a half – two hours.

So this is important. I personally stick with it Masks and I don’t think the time will be today or tomorrow to go out with me Masksbut if the incidence increases, as mathematical models predict, then Masks should also be worn outside. During those two years there were always great disabilities and differences of opinion in society.

Masks should be borne by both vaccinated and those who already had Covid. Because they can transmit the virus. The measures must therefore be adhered to by everyone.

That is the big problem with applied Epidemiology – that it is difficult to convince the public and that coercion is not possible.

The green certificate, when we voted on it, I was hoping that the percentage of vaccinated would increase. But we still don’t have the required percentage, even for booster doses.

And for an airborne infection, the so-called full immunization of the population – in other words – we have to have a very high percentage of people who have been vaccinated.

There are still no studies and analyzes of how long the vaccine will protect. However, it was decided, thank goodness, to put a booster up every three months to keep people safe.

But we as epidemiologists and medical professionals are very dissatisfied with the vaccination process in our country. It is not to blame that boosters are needed, these are new vaccines, this is molecular medicine, this has been medicine for decades.

Not everything happens quickly, including these new vaccines – in this case the only ones pandemic Vaccines help, and they have been shown to be effective in severe illness and hospitalization. And more new vaccines will come. Yes, it demotivates people, but the vaccination process is a complex matter.

/ Yordanka Stoilova, Dnevnik

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