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Bulgaria‘s Executive Prime Minister Stefan Yanev has complained to the Slovenian Ambassador that ÖOur European partners take sides, tolerate North Macedonia and blame Bulgaria for no real and well-founded reason. ”

Yanev made the comment at a meeting with Ambassador Andrzej Franges on Tuesday to discuss issues on the European agenda in the context of the priorities of the Slovenian EU Council Presidency, which began on July 1st.

The subject of EU enlargement and the European horizon of North Macedonia were discussed, among other things. Yanev reiterated Bulgaria’s position and basic support for the European perspective of North Macedonia and Albania, stressing the need for more effective dialogue and real will to resolve the differences between Sofia and Skopje, the government press service said.

The Prime Minister stressed that Sofia needed real action to protect human rights and eliminate hate speech.

Bulgaria vetoed EU accession talks with North Macedonia in November 2020. This concerned Albania, the other candidate country in the Western Balkans, which is making progress in the package with Skopje on its way into the EU. The Bulgarian veto came as a surprise to many, as the country is a strong supporter of EU enlargement to include the Western Balkans.

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