Elections in Bulgaria: Interior minister claims Borisov’s party bought votes

Police in Plovdiv found out that in the April 4th parliamentary elections votes were bought on behalf of Boiko Borissov’s GERB party, caretaker Interior Minister Boiko Rashkov claimed in an interview with Bulgarian National Radio on July 5th.

Over the weekend it was reported that police in Stolipinovo, a predominantly Roma area in Plovdiv, had carried out an operation against people involved in voting for the April elections.

Bulgarian media quoted Plovdiv Regional Deputy Prosecutor, Atanas Iliev, who said the prosecutor had instructed the Ministry of Interior not to release any information about the case.

Rashkov said the votes were bought for 30 leva each. He said that several thousand people had been the subject of vote-buying prior to the April 4th elections.

According to Rashkov, the Ministry of the Interior had long since had information about the people involved in voting, but they were protected by a political “umbrella”.

He claimed that the prosecutor’s office was “led” by Borisov. “Because he has no way of knowing what will happen during an inspection, whether there is any data on the purchase of votes in Plovdiv. This connection is very strange, it’s annoying – who do you think is the prosecutor in this country – the chief prosecutor is the one who commands (attorney general) Ivan Geshev – and this is the one who spoke about a case in Ribaritsa yesterday about the he shouldn’t have any information – that’s Borissov ”.

Rashkov said the police were working hard to prevent voting in connection with the July 11 parliamentary elections.

He said there had been nine pre-election pre-election crimes trials in Burgas, three of which were expedited.

Rashkov said that in a house in a village in Svilengrad, company cash books with sales and a list of 28,000 voters in the district had been found in the past few days.

“I hope the prosecutor has already been notified that a very serious investigation into the Haskovo prosecutor’s office should be launched as it is not uncommon to find such huge electoral rolls to be relied upon to help the GERB party come into play To support elections. “Said Rashkov.

On July 4, in an interview with Darik Radio, Rashkov said that instead of being assisted by prosecutors in operations against vote-buying, the police had instead encountered obstacles, particularly with regard to buying votes for a party he was did not want to call.

Rashkov said the Ministry of Interior did not inform prosecutors in advance of operations against vote-buying because it was surprising that most of the way was done to guarantee the success of such operations.

On July 5, GERB denied Rashkov’s allegations.

As quoted by Nova Televizia, a GERB spokesman dismissed Rashkov’s allegations as “another gross manipulation by (President) Roumen Radev’s electoral headquarters in the form of the transitional cabinet”.

“It is time for Boiko Rashkov to stop talking and prove his claims,” ​​said the spokesman.

(Rashkov photo: Government.bg)

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