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From Dr. Rama V. Bennur

There are a few good auditoriums in the cultural capital of Mysuru, but having one more is like another feather in your hat. Mysuru Rasikas will always welcome you.

The Nrityagiri Performing Arts and Research Center now has its own compact auditorium in the Preethi layout that is large enough for about 120 people. Dr. Kripa Phadke, the director and the head behind it, would like to dedicate this auditorium to young and aspiring artists.

She has introduced a series of programs called “Ekatvam” that combine art and heart with two concerts on October 30th and 31st, 2021. Dr. CG Narasimhan headed the function, where Prof. Ramamurthy Rao and HN Panish were the guests of honor.

On the first day, a musical ensemble of flute, violin, mridanga and morching was presented by Vidwan AP Krishnaprasad, MK Navaneeth, Keshava Mohan, HL Shivashankaraswamy and Vikram Bharadwaj. Krishnaprasad is a popular and sought-after dance flutist. His young son Navaneeth accompanied him and delighted the Rasikas with his little fingers.

Krishnaprasad opened the concert with a rare Varna in Raga Dwijavanthi by Pathmadai Krishna Iyer. “Swaminatha”, a composition by Muthuswamy Dixitar in Naata Raga, was followed by “Entha Muddo” by Tyagaraja in Bindumalini. The short Alapanas and the brisk Kalpana Swaras were suitable for the occasion.

After a melodious sketch by Saranga and Kruthi ‘Neevada neegana’ (Tyagaraja) he started the main raga of the day ‘Kharaharapriya’.

Young Keshava Mohan was calm and confident while Shivashankaraswamy’s perfect punches enhanced the musical experience. ‘Raama Nee samaanamevaru’, the evergreen composition of Tyagaraja, was followed by an interesting Tani-Avartana by Shivashankaraswamy and Vikram Bharadwaj.

Bharatanatyam Duo – Pooja Sugam and KM Sameeksha.

The second day saw a full audience for a beautiful Bharatanatya duo of the young Pooja Sugam and KM Sameeksha. The young and promising dancers showed perfect coordination and understanding during the concert. Thanks to their guru Vidwan Vijaykumar from Chennai, who successfully passed on his passion, commitment and dedication to dance to his students. The young dancers were accompanied by their guru on the natuvanga, R. Raghuram (vocals), Nagai P. Sriram (mridanga) and AP Krishnaprasad (flute).

The traditional Mallaari in Raga Nata and a Shloka in Shanmukhapriya paved the way for a wonderfully choreographed Ardhanareeshwaram. Both Pooja and Sameeksha shared the roles of Shiva and Parvathi with such ease and serenity that it cast a spell over the audience.

The contribution of all companions took the audience to another level. Muthuswamy Dixitar’s composition in Raga Kumudakriya came to life in Raghuram’s singing. Lalgudi G. Jayaraman’s Varna in Charukeshi, the Padam in Madhuvanti and Kapi showed the perfect Abhinaya and the footwork of the two dancers. The lighting effects also deserve a mention. The performance was definitely a treat for the ears and eyes.

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