EC: Bulgaria should reduce overall fossil fuel dependency and imports –

Maritsa Iztok energy complex

Bulgaria should reduce its overall dependence on and imports of fossil fuels by accelerating development energy from renewable Sources – this recommendation is included in the spring package European Semester announced today.

The document adds that this could be achieved by our country diversifying its natural gas supply and expanding interconnections with neighboring countries for this purpose.

This is also recommended Bulgaria strengthen energy Efficiency in industry as well as in private and public buildings and promote sustainable solutions in central heating. For next year, Bulgaria must ensure that public spending growth is in line with overall budgetary policies, given ongoing temporary and targeted support to the most vulnerable households and businesses energy Prices as well as for refugees from Ukraine.

Our country also needs to increase public investment in the green and digital transition and energy Security, including the use of the reconstruction and development mechanism, the RepowerEU energy independence plan and others European Middle.

after 2023, Bulgaria must pursue a tax policy aimed at achieving an adequate budget in the medium term.

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