Discrimination in the Kashmiri cemetery

And finally, exactly reflecting the Hindu-Brahmin “Chatur Varna” hierarchy, Hindu Dalit equivalents are “Wattals / Sheikhs”, a Kashmiri Muslim community that, like Hindu Dalits, has traditionally been involved in manual cleaning. This Wattal community corresponds to the definition of the Scheduled Caste (SC) according to the Indian constitution.

Discrimination against lower caste Muslims at cemetery burials is not limited to the Kashmir Valley. It is an unfortunate and un-Islamic caste practice that is widespread in other parts of India as well as Pakistan.

It is not uncommon to find walled and segregated caste-based cemeteries in villages in northern India, where each upper Muslim caste has its own caste Biradari cemeteries where only members of their caste are allowed to be buried.

Members of lower Muslim castes are often forcibly forbidden to bury their dead in these cemeteries, which are lined with cement walls and locked and locked doors. A few months ago the Pakistani province of Sindh was shaken by an ugly controversy when 13 kacha tombs were dug by lower caste Muslims of the Mallah caste (boatmen) to expand the marbled tomb of a famous Sindhi nationalist leader from the Syed caste and then were thrown in a single pit.

The move sparked a nationwide protest in Pakistan and people were shocked to see that such un-Islamic caste practices persist in Pakistan today.

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