Demonstration in solidarity with Ukraine on March 24 in the Bulgarian capital

A peaceful solidarity demonstration with Ukraine is scheduled to take place on March 24 at 6:30 p.m. in the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

Organizers of the event, to be held in Nezavisimost Square, said it was time for Bulgaria to speak out in large numbers for a sovereign Ukraine.

“Just a few hundred kilometers away, the Ukrainian people are fighting for their freedom and for the future of Europe at the enormous cost of innocent lives and destruction. With their dignity, courage and perseverance, these people managed to surprise the whole world,” the organizers said.

“At the same time, Bulgaria is increasingly being held captive by Russia’s propaganda war against our country,” they said.

They said the Russian ambassador allowed herself to speak on behalf of the Bulgarian people on March 21 – a reference to a claim by Eleonora Mitrofanova that the Bulgarian people do not support the government’s policy regarding Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“We follow the rise of extreme nationalism in Russia and we know what it would mean for Bulgaria if we do not demand from our government an appropriate and timely position in support of Ukraine,” the organizers said.

“We cannot allow marginalized pro-Russian parties to dictate the most important decisions for Bulgaria’s future. We must not silence our voices,” they said.

Concerned voices have recently been raised on social media by Bulgarians, offended by the image that the country is being misrepresented by the coverage of the events of the pro-Kremlin Vuzrazhdane party, without the context that this party has only 13 seats in the Bulgarian parliament has 240 seats.

“It is time to say that we are here, that we are in the EU and NATO, that we have already made our civilizing decision and that we stand behind it,” said the organizers of the eventwhich comes a month after the start of the current Russian invasion of Ukraine ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

More news in Bulgaria related to Russia’s war against Ukraine:

The Bulgarian government announced on March 23 that it had decided to allocate 361,830 leva in humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries.

Funding comes from the State Department’s humanitarian and development aid budget.

The funds will be paid to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the UN Refugee Agency and the UN Children’s Fund.

On March 28th there will be a benefit concert “Together for Ukraine” organized by Bulgarian National Radio and Bulgarian National Radio.

The event at the Ivan Vazov National Theater will be broadcast on March 28 at 7 p.m. on all national and regional programs of Bulgarian National Radio and on April 3 at 9 p.m. on BNT1.

Funds raised via SMS to short number 1466, local donations or to the Bulgarian Red Cross bank account will be used to help victims of the war in Ukraine.

For details of who will be performing at the concert, see in Bulgarian this link.

The Three Women Foundation (Фондация Три жени) The Donation Center for Humanitarian Aid to Ukrainians needs donations and volunteers to help at its location at 23 Shipka Street.

The center is open every day, including Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Packaged food, hygiene items, clean and well-maintained clothing for all ages, sleeping bags, prams and toys are currently needed. For more information, contact the foundation through theirs Facebook site.

the Center for Refugee Assistance from Ukraine-Varna announced on its Facebook page that it now has its own bank account for donations.

The account is held at Raiffeisen Bank.

IBAN: BG20RZBB91551061039450.

The Bulgarian government has set up a website to help Ukrainians and provide information for those in Bulgaria who want to help: The site has versions in Ukrainian, EnglishBulgarian and Russian.

The government has set up a four-language hotline to help people fleeing the war in Ukraine and for any questions related to reception in Bulgaria. The phone numbers are 02/9055555 and +380 322465075.

To support the 7.5 million children in Ukraine who are at risk, Unicef ​​was launched a worldwide attraction. In this regard, Unicef ​​in Bulgaria launched an emergency fundraiser to provide emergency humanitarian aid to children and families in Ukraine. You can find more information by following this one shortcut.

For bank account details for donations to the Bulgarian Red Cross Humanitarian Aid Ukraine fundraiser, see this link.

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