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CHENNAI: The last week and a half have been unforgettable for Grandmaster D Gukesh. Days after winning the Norway Open, the 15-year-old won gold at the European Club Cup, which ended in Macedonia on Friday evening. Gukesh, who showed up for his club Prilep, played on board 1 and scored 5.5 points in 7 rounds and remained undefeated during the course of the competition. The silver in the competition was bagged by the Novy Bor Club, which featured players such as P Harikrishna and Sasikiran.
Gukesh’s strong performance earned him 18.7 ELO points at the event. His current ELO rating is 2640. It is impressive that Gukesh has been playing back-to-back-over-the-board (OTB) tournaments in Europe for over two months. “The European Club Cup was my 7th OTB event. It’s nice to be able to play these tournaments after I left because of the pandemic. The most important thing – apart from the wins and the increase in the ELO values ​​- was that I enjoyed every one of these games, “Gukesh told TOI on Saturday.
Over the past two months, Gukesh’s consistent performance has resulted in his ELO values ​​rising from 2578 to 2640. Gukesh believes the rise in ratings is a by-product of the tough yards laid over the past few months. “Despite the pandemic, I’ve worked hard on all areas of my game. It took me some time to get used to being back at OTB events. he mentioned.
Gukesh, India’s youngest ever grandmaster, will have little time to celebrate when he goes to his next tournament in Bulgaria. He will perform at the U-21 Junior Open Event, which will take place from September 26th to October 3rd in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. “It is a tournament that will include Arjun (Erigaisi), R Praggnanandhaa, Iniyan,” said Gukesh.

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