Covid-19: More students in Bulgaria switch to distance learning

In two other district capitals – Yambol and Sliven – and in eight other municipalities, students in grades five through twelfth will switch to distance learning by the end of the week, the Bulgarian Ministry of Education said on January 24.

The move will also be taken for students in the cities of Straldzha in Yambol District and Nova Zagora in Sliven District, although first through fourth grade students will continue to attend face-to-face classes, the ministry said.

In six municipalities of the Plovdiv district – Plovdiv, Kuklen, Karlovo, Rakovski, Rodopi and Sopot – pupils of the first to fourth, seventh, tenth and tenthth and 12th Grades will continue to take place in in-person classes while the rest will move to distance learning. The schools in the municipalities of Gabrovo and Tryavna alternate between face-to-face and distance learning.

The Ministry of Education announced that the partial switch to distance learning was due to the higher proportion of Covid 19 quarantines in the respective cities and municipalities.

Earlier, the ministry said that students in grades five through 11th Classes in the city of Sofia and Burgas district were taught remotely for a week from January 24, with the exception of Ruen municipality in Burgas. In Blagoevgrad, students from 5th to 12th gradeth Grades are in distance learning.

The Ministry of Education said that as of January 24, a total of 4.3 percent of teachers and 2.99 percent of students in Bulgaria are in quarantine. Among teachers, 5.18 percent have contracted Covid-19, while 3.5 percent of students have tested positive.

School holidays start on January 28 and classes are due to resume on February 7, whether in person or online depends on guidance from health officials.

(Photo: Ministry of Education)

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