Coronavirus Mu variant not yet discovered in Bulgaria –

Currently, the delta version of the Coronavirus is dominant in Bulgaria, said the BGNES virologist Prof. Radka Argirova.

She pointed out that the “Mu” strain has not yet been detected in our country and, according to the classification of the European Office of the World Health Organization in Europe, it is still found sporadically in travelers.

In Argirova’s words, for the time being, the new version is classified as Coronavirus Tribe “of concern” and targeted because it may at some point become a “cause for concern”.

She stated that its genetic properties are known.

“It is a bit more catchy, which means that the virus can bind to cell receptors even better, which in turn means that it can penetrate the cells even more easily. In other words, it’s more contagious, ”explains the virologist. Argirova added that the ability to bypass vaccines is not inherent in the Mu strain. It could partially bypass vaccines like all other variants. It was important that the vaccines lasted but never reached 100%. Instead of 90%, it can be 60-70%, which is not small at all and is enough to protect us, explained the virologist, emphasizing that in the event of an illness, those vaccinated will very easily survive the virus and there will be no serious consequences or have death. In her words, there is about 4% of people who have been vaccinated and then become infected. However, they heal much faster and have much milder forms of the disease without the risk of a fatal outcome.

Argyrova pointed out that the symptoms of the “Mu” variant are similar to those of Delta. Loss of taste, smell and perception is not typical. The incubation period is a little shorter.

Prof. Argirova pointed out that the other Optistrains of “interest” such as Lambda, Theta, Iota are also monitored.

“We know everything about their genetics. We try to be one step ahead of the virus mutations. For the first time in a few months we can say this,” she said, assuring that science is advancing and the virus variants are already being tested, before they become dominant.

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