Community grants set for 2022 in Bluewater

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BLUEWATER – Although the 2022 budget is yet to be passed in Bluewater, city councils unanimously agreed to support a community grant collection during the regular council meeting on December 20.

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The approved Grants Council is funded through the Community Grants and Vibrancy Funds Policy

Groups that receive grants under the policy include: Bayfield Agricultural Society ($ 1,000), Bayfield Area Chamber of Commerce ($ 2,000), Bayfield Historical Society ($ 2,000), Bayfield River Valley Trail Association / Tree Project (US $ 2,000), Huron County Plowman’s Association (US $ 150)), Pioneer Park Association (US $ 2,000), the Zürcher Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft (US $ 1000) and the Zurich Chamber of Commerce and the District (US $ 1,412.50) .

According to a report presented to the council during the session, the community will receive $ 350,000 from Grand Bend Wind, $ 164,400 from Varna Wind, and $ 52,650 from Goshen Wind, for a total of $ 567,050. In the context of politics, 10 percent of these funds are earmarked for municipal grants, 60 percent flow into various projects and the remaining 30 percent support the “future viability” of the municipality.

In response to Mayor Paul Klopp’s concerns about the increase in funds, citing the challenges posed by COVID-19, finance manager Ansberth Willert said the only increase in funds that she believed allowed would be allowed by the Zurich Chamber of Commerce and the district be part of community politics.

“From a COVID perspective, I think we need to make sure we get to it,” said Coun. Bill Whetstone. “These groups haven’t had a chance to raise funds to develop some of these things for two years, and their programs and events have been suspended. I have no problem helping them to make sure they keep going because it’s all part of life in Bayfield, Bluewater, Hensall, Zurich and Dashwood. “

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Count. Shawn LaPorte agreed with Whetstone and repeated his comments.

“I realize it might cost us a little more money, but … I think we owe them that,” he said.

In a separate recommendation from other grant applications, staff recommended donating $ 10,000 to the Huron Hospice through the Vibrancy Grant portion of the policy, although Coun. John Becker asked the councilors to distribute this contribution between the Huron Hospice and Jessica’s house instead.

“We have another residence in South Huron,” said Becker. “Jessica’s house came to us years ago, and we were the only church in the area that didn’t support it. We have many residents who go to this place for the end of their lives. “

Count. George Irvin filed a motion to move the discussions about the Huron hospice grant to the 2022 budget deliberations, which Becker supported and the city councils unanimously approved.

“I support the proposal,” said Whetstone. “It may not seem big to other churches, but it is considerable for this church.”

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