Codissia urges Bulgaria to examine joint ventures in the defense sector

The Coimbatore District Association of Small Industries (Codissia) has asked Bulgaria to examine joint ventures here, particularly in the defense sector.

MV Ramesh Babu, President of Codissia, said Bulgaria’s Ambassador to India Eleonora Dimitrova was recently in the city. From here she invited business delegations to four major exhibitions in Bulgaria next year. The Codissia urged them to explore opportunities for joint ventures between industries in Coimbatore and Bulgaria in the defense sector. Bulgaria has been supplying the Indian defense sector for a long time, he said.

“We have expressed our interest in having further interactions in the future with regard to the merging of the start-ups from the CODISSIA Defense Innovation and Atal Incubation Center (CDIIC) and Bulgaria and to explore the possibilities of cooperation,” said Ramesh Babu in a press release.

The ambassador stated that her country is ready to support companies producing industrial products that are needed in Bulgaria and also invited industry here to invest in Bulgaria, the press release added.

She offered Tamil Nadu that country’s support in the Defense Industry Corridor project.

Iliya Dekov, Head of Trade and Economic Affairs at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in India, was also present at the meeting.

Southern India Engineering Manufacturers Association and CDIIC officials also attended.

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