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The Roman Catholic Church in Zhitnitsa, Bulgaria @Wikimedia Commons

On Sunday, Catholics around the world celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Over 20,000 people in Plovdiv region celebrate this day.

“Traditionally, the first egg is for Easter is the red egg. The red color symbolizes the blood of Christ. And it is set aside for the house and kept until the next Easter if there is a legend that predicts what the year will be like,” says Diana Nacheva.

The preparation for Easter In the house of the Nachevi family from the village of Zhitnitsa in Plovdiv, painting began on Maundy Thursday Easter eggs and kneading the butter cookies typical of Zhitnitsa. The family will follow the tradition of the obligatory presence of lamb at the festive table.

The family welcomes the resurrection of Christ with particular enthusiasm. Exactly 3 years ago, Ventsislav’s deepest dream came true – to touch the Pope. The student has the honor of serving with the head of the Roman Catholic Church during his liturgy at Rakovski. Then he asked him for an autograph with a picture of Pope Francis and something unusual happened.

“I had this map prepared, I held it in my hands with the marker. People around me told me that he would pass me, that he would not sign for me. But then after he passed me, he noticed me. Come to me,” Ventsislav Markov remembers this exciting day.

“The marker has not been used before. He used it on my forehead. Then he signed the card. I had never experienced such a moment in my life. something happened to me I couldn’t stand up,” Ventsislav said about his meeting with Pope Francis.

Since then all Easter brings him back to that memory. He also looks at the Pope’s personal gift to him – a rosary, which the young man still wears to this day.

That Easter will be special for the Catholic Church in Zhitnitsa.

“First time on the Easter In the Easter liturgy we play the first digital organ in Bulgaria. The liturgy will be very solemn, because then the organ will play all, that is, all the stops,” said Milko Petrov.

And more today Easterthe Nachevi family awaits the miracle of resurrection and wishes for health and light.

The largest Catholic community in Rakovski is already in the middle of the celebration of resurrection.

“That Easter is different because we are different. The holiday is an opportunity to reflect on how we have lived and whether we are moving closer to or away from God.” said Father Mladen and wished everyone peace and hope because “There are people who openly profess that they do not believe in God, but there are no people who live without hope.” said the father.

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