Plovdiv – Moite Planini Tue, 13 Jul 2021 08:19:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Plovdiv – Moite Planini 32 32 Covid-19 in Bulgaria: All but 3 districts are green zones Tue, 13 Jul 2021 07:41:28 +0000

25 of the 28 districts in Bulgaria are Covid-19 green zones, which according to the report of the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (NCIPD) for the 14th day period to July 11th.

Three districts are yellow zones, which means an infection rate between 20 and 59.9 per 100 inhabitants.

These three districts are Sofia City (23), Sofia District (32) and Vidin (23).

The districts with the lowest infection rates are Kurdjali and Yambol, both four per 100,000 inhabitants.

In the Plovdiv district the infection rate is nine per 100,000 inhabitants, in Varna 13, Burgas 14 and in the Rousse district six per 100,000 inhabitants.

The NCIPD report a week earlier showed 24 out of 28 counties as green zones.

The situation shown in the latest report contrasts with the seven consecutive weeks that ended in early May 2021 when every district in Bulgaria was a red zone from Covid-19 – which means an infection rate of 120 or more in 100,000 residents.

(Figure: NCIPD)

For the rest of The Sofia Globe’s ongoing coverage of the Covid-19 situation in Bulgaria please click here.

The Sofia Globe’s reporting on the Covid-19 situation in Bulgaria is supported by the embassies of Switzerland and Finland.

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row2k Starting Five: Bermuda’s Dara Alizadeh – coverage of the Olympic Games Mon, 12 Jul 2021 04:09:35 +0000

Two-time boat race winner and UPenn graduate Dara Alizadeh takes part in his first Olympic Games and represents Bermuda in the M1x

1. What inspired you to do your first rowing session? was there anything memorable about that?

I was originally a wrestler in high school and loved it. However, my high school rowing coach suggested I try rowing which I was a little skeptical and not really interested in at first, but my parents said I had to at least try. I remember getting into a foursome with a helmsman and it was very rocky, but it was a beautiful day down by the river which probably helped me decide it was fun.

2. Was there a training session, race, or other event that made you fall in love with the sport or knew you might not be that bad at rowing? When you thought you could make it to the national team?

There was one training session in my junior year in high school where I won my first direct seat race against an older student, and I realized I was okay with that. For a national first team I think I was pretty shocked on my first strike day in the first draft of the 8+ Down in the Charlottesville U23 selection that they gave the keys to a Penn guy, but it was the fastest boat by far that I’ve been in there before, and it gave me a big boost. Aside from a single workout, I think it really boosted my confidence to take the next step every time, from high school, college, U23, boat racing to senior level racing.

3. Best race / training, worst race / training?

Best race was Burk Cup 2014, Penn vs. Northeastern. In total, 0 people picked us to win, I don’t even think Penn thought a win was possible, but we raced like we had nothing to lose. In the 1000 we had 7 places and suddenly we wanted to win this race. The best training time was Cambridge Blue Boat in 2018, we had a camp before the boat race in Nottingham and the boat just went so well together and clicked this week.

Probably the worst practice was a Penn tradition called Ted Nash Row where we rowed 73 miles in a day. That was pretty rough.

The worst race was Linz 2019 which drove the MX1 for Bermuda after sculpting for 3 months. Humiliation doesn’t even begin to describe it, but it was a learning experience

4. The best / everything you’ve done in this sport that nobody knows about?

I am two-time Sveti Duje Regatta Champion in Split, Croatia – nobody talks about that anymore. I also won the best hair at the 2021 BUCS regatta. It’s the little things that count.

5. Any / most important advice for young rowers?

Rowing is the only sport you can achieve if you’ve never seen a rowboat to get to the top of a college rowing career.

Focus on the process, the score takes care of itself.

Don’t talk about the “sacrifices” you make while rowing. You make decisions, not victims. Rowing is hard, embrace it.

Have fun.

Hometown: St. Georges, Bermuda
Place of birth: Brookline, MA, USA
Current Location: Cambridge, UK
Association membership: Bermuda Rowing Association, Cambridge University Boat Club, UTS Rowing, Cambridge Boat Club
Started rowing: 2008
Date of birth: August 27, 1993
Height: 6’4
Weight: 90kg
Secondary school: The Belmont Hill School
Basic training: University of Pennsylvania
Graduate education: Cambridge University
Training location: Ely, Cambridge
Current trainer: Rob Baker
National teams: USA U23 8+ 2015 (Plovdiv, silver), Bermuda 1x 2019 – today

International results: USA U23 8+ 2015 (Plovdiv), Bermuda 1x (WM 2019 Linz, Olympic qualification 2021 Rio, WM2 2021 Luzern)

National results: Boat Race wins with Cambridge in 2018 and 2019

row2k Starting Five: Bermuda's Dara Alizadeh

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Voting underway in Bulgaria’s July early parliamentary elections Sun, 11 Jul 2021 07:29:44 +0000

Voting is underway in Bulgaria‘s second parliamentary elections in 2021.

The July 11 early parliamentary elections are a consequence of the 45th National Assembly, elected on April 4, not having voted a government into office, and thus having been dissolved.

Twenty-three political parties and coalitions, with a total of more than 5000 candidate MPs, are competing for the 240 seats in the 46th National Assembly. To win a share of those seats, a contestant must get at least four per cent of valid votes cast.

Voting hours are from 7am to 8pm. The Electoral Code allows election officials to extend voting until 9pm at a polling station where a queue remains at 8pm.

As amended by the 45th National Assembly, the Electoral Code requires that voting must be done using a machine at a polling station where more than 300 voters are registered, in this election a total of 9401 in Bulgaria. There is machine voting at 273 polling stations abroad.

There are just more than 13,000 polling stations within Bulgaria, and more than 780 in foreign countries.

If a technical problem prevents a voting machine being used, the Central Election Commission is empowered to decide that a polling station may go over to using paper ballots.

To provide for this, about 7.4 million paper ballots have been printed.

On the morning of July 11, technical problems were reported with voting machines in some places, including, for instance, one case at a polling station in the Sofia district where a machine had an incorrect date and time setting.

There was a similar problem in Cherven Bryag, where a machine’s time was out by an hour. According to Bulgarian National Radio, if necessary, voting there could be extended by an hour.

The law forbids media reporting exit polls on their websites or radio and television stations before the official end of election day in Bulgaria.

The post-8pm exit polls may not present a fully accurate picture of the outcome of the July 11 vote, because voting in foreign countries will proceed until 8pm local times. In Bulgaria’s April regular parliamentary elections, votes cast abroad played a notable role in the outcome. Amendments to the Electoral Code approved this year have made possible a significant increase in polling stations abroad.

In some places in Bulgaria, a ban on the sale of alcohol in shops, bars, restaurants and other public places is in effect on election day. These include Plovdiv, Shoumen, Vratsa and Svishtov.

The Central Election Commission has until July 15 to announce the votes won and the share-out of seats in the next National Assembly. The following day, candidate MPs who have stood and won in more than one electoral district must declare from which one they have been deemed to be elected.

On July 18, the commission must declare the names of those who have been elected MPs.

For further details about the July 11 parliamentary elections, please visit The Sofia Globe’s Election Factfile.

(Screenshot from a video posted by the CEC about how to use a voting machine)

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ECS Bulgaria: PLO vs BAR Dream11 prediction today: fantasy cricket tips for BSCU-MU Plovdiv vs Barbarians Sat, 10 Jul 2021 05:06:03 +0000

PLO vs BAR Dream11 prediction today | Image Credit: Representative Image

BSCU-MU Plovdiv scores on Saturday (July 10th) at 11:30 a.m. IST in the eliminator of the ECS Bulgaria in the Vassil Levski National Sports Academy in Sofia against barbarians.

BSCU-MU Plovdiv was decent in the tournament. With seven points they finished the group stage in third place. With the last two victories against VTU-MU Pleven, Plovdiv confirmed its place in the play-offs.

Barbarians had a disappointing tournament, but they marginally qualified for the playoffs. They finished the group stage in fourth place, but the most amazing win for them came after beating leaders Indo-Bulgarian with seven wickets. This win has boosted their confidence and to get to the finals they need to focus more on batting and team coordination.

My Dream11 prediction for BSCU-MU Plovdiv against barbarians game

Saim Hussain (vc), Vishnu Sureshbabu, Ali Hussain, Vasilen Kamburov, Sulaiman Ali (c), Dimo ​​Krasimirov Nikolov, Fayaz Mohammad, Junaid Farooq, Nikolay Nankov, Muhammad Uzair, Faizan Rehman

PLO vs BAR Probable start in XIs for BSCU-MU Plovdiv vs Barbarians

BSCU-MU Plovdiv: Saim Hussain (c & wk), Sulaiman Ali, Vishnu Sureshbabu, Aamir Nakhuda, Junaid Farooq, Ali Hussain, Haamid Hussain, Nabeel Javed, Parth Acharya / Zain Abidi, Muhammad Uzair, Faizan Rehman

Barbarians: Fayaz Mohammad, Vasil Hristov, Dimo ​​Krasimirov Nikolov (c), Hristo Boykov Ivanov, Boyko Ivanov, Vasilen Kamburov, Deyan Georgiev Shipkov, Nikolay Nankov, Andrei Lilov, Ivan Ivanov, Ivaylo Katzarski / Julian Hristov

PLO vs BAR Full Squads for BSCU-MU Plovdiv vs Barbarians

BSCU-MU Plovdiv: Ali Hussain, Alwain Paul, Nabeen Javed, Vishnu Sureshbabu, Waqas Gondal, Esah Altaf, Faizan Rehman, Haamid Hussain, Muhammad Uzair, Parth Acharya, Adithya Patnam, Ali Lucman, Jalal Asif, Junaid Farooq, Sulaiman Husauda. Aamir (C / WK).

Barbarians: Ivaylo Katzarski, Hristo Ivanov (WK), Deyan Shipkov, Boyko Ivanov, Alexandar Stoychev, Nikolay Nankov, Ivan Kamburov, Andrei Lilov, Dimo ​​Nikolov (C), Krasimir Kamenov, Ivaylo Andreev, Mohammad Fayaz, Vasil Hristov, Ivan Ivanov, Mario Berberyan, Vasilen Kamburov and Julian Hristov.

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ECS Bulgaria: PLE vs PLO Dream11 prediction today: Fantasy cricket tips for VTU-MU Pleven vs BSCU-MU Plovdiv game Fri, 09 Jul 2021 07:23:28 +0000

PLE vs PLO Dream11 prediction today | Image Credit: Representative Image

VTU-MU Pleven will meet BSCU-MU Plovdiv on Friday (July 9th) at 3:30 p.m. IST and 6:30 p.m. IST in the 19th and 20th games of the ECS Bulgaria in the Vassil Levski National Sports Academy in Sofia.

VTU-MU Pleven has only won six games and is currently at the bottom of the points table. With two points, Pleven is looking forward to winning the double header against Plovdiv in order to at least qualify for the play-offs.

In the meantime, BSCU-MU Plovdiv must win at least one game against Pleven to get into the playoffs. They fought hard for victory in their previous games, but the Indo-Bulgarians beat them with three and eleven runs respectively. They are currently in third place in the table with three points.

It’s a crucial game for both teams to get into the playoffs.

My Dream11 prediction for VTU-MU Pleven vs BSCU-MU Plovdiv game

Saim Hussain, Tarun Yadav, Mukul Kadyan, Jishnu Sivakumar, Ali Hussain, Sulaiman Ali (c), Akshay Harikumar, Aswad Khan (vc), Mayank Singh, Amal Thomas, Muhammad Uzair

PLE vs. PLO predicted start of playing XIs for VTU-MU Pleven vs. BSCU-MU Plovdiv

VTU-MU Pleven: Akshay Harikumar, Nithin Sunil, Mukul Kadyan, Aswad Khan, Apoorv Mishra, Jishnu Sivakumar, Amal Thomas, Suhaid Puthanpurayil, Mayank Singh, Aamir Shah, Tarun Yadav

BSCU-MU Plovdiv: Saim Hussain (c & wk), Sulaiman Ali, Nabeel Javed, Zain Abidi, Junaid Farooq, Alwin Paul, Ali Hussain, Aamir Nakhuda, Muhammad Uzair, Faizan Rehman, Haamid Hussain

PLE vs PLO Full Squads for VTU-MU Pleven vs BSCU-MU Plovdiv

VTU-MU Pleven: Aamir Shah, Akshay Harikumar (C), Amal Thomas, Apoorv Mishra, Aswad Khan, Jishnu Sivakumar, Mayank Singh, Mukul Kadyan, Nithin Sunil (wk), Suhaid Puthanpurayil, Tarun Yadav, Aadithya Nair, Rahail Masooh, Rabeeh Urh

BSCU-MU Plovdiv: Aamir Nakhuda, Adithya Patnam, Ali Hussain, Alwin Paul, Haamid Hussain, Muhammad Uzair, Parth Acharya, Saim Hussain (C) (wk), Vishnu Sureshbabu, Waqas Gondal, Jalal Asif, Zain Abidi, Junaid Farooq, Ali Lucman

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Most runs, most wickets and most points tables by July 7th Thu, 08 Jul 2021 03:35:57 +0000

The Bulgaria T10 League 2021 experienced its third day of action on July 7th with four games on that day. Four more encounters are planned for Thursday, July 8th.

The Indo-Bulgarian CC and Academic – MU Sofia continue to occupy the first two places in the points table of the Bulgarian T10 League 2021. The two teams each have eight points, with the former having a few extra games in hand and a superior net run rate Has.

BSCU – MU Plovdiv and the barbarians are third and fourth in the overall ranking. Both sides have collected three points so far and are separated in the points table by their respective net run rates.

VTU-MU Pleven brings up the rear in the Bulgarian T10 League 2021 points table. They have two points on their name thanks to a single win so far.

The following are the team ratings after the third match day in the Bulgaria T10 League 2021:

Bulgaria T10 League 2021 points table
Bulgaria T10 League 2021 points table

Bulgaria T10 League 2021 run scoring and wicket take charts

Most of the runs

Bulgaria T10 League 2021 Highest Run Scorer
Bulgaria T10 League 2021 Highest Run Scorer

Prakash Mishra from the Indo-Bulgarian CC reappeared as the best run scorer after the third match day in the Bulgarian T10 League 2021. He has accumulated 160 runs in four games, with his knock having 73 runs the highest score in the tournament. Mishra has scored his runs with an impressive batting average of 207.79, with the help of 21 fours and 10 sixes.

Kevin D’Souza from Academic – MU Sofia ranks second on the run scoring charts. He has amassed 119 runs so far, with 64 unbeaten his best performance. D’Souza’s runs have a hit rate of 208.77 and are strewn with 11 fours and nine maxima.

Saim Hussain from BSCU – MU Plovdiv ranks third in the Bulgaria T10 League’s top run getter list in 2021. He has hit 115 runs in three strokes, with an unbeaten 67 as his highest score. Hussain has an excellent hit rate of 209.09 and has hit eight limits and as many sixes.

Apart from the three players mentioned above, Tarun Yadav (84) and Aswad Khan (58) from VTU-MU Pleven and Ishan De Silva (51) and Ashbel Nicson (51) from Academic – MU Sofia are the highest running goals of the four teams on Thursday.

Most of the wickets

Bulgaria T10 League 2021 Highest wicket taker
Bulgaria T10 League 2021 Highest wicket taker

The duo Academic – MU Sofia made up of Ali Rasool and Delrick Vinu are the highest wicket takers after day 3 of the Bulgaria T10 League in 2021. Both bowlers caught eight wickets, the former being more economical.

Rasool got 2/5 as his best performance and has an exceptional economy of 5.50. Vinu has 3/4 as his best performance and averaged 8.48 runs per over.

Prakash Mishra of the Indo-Bulgarian CC ranks third with six scalps in the list of the best wicket takers of the Bulgarian T10 League 2021. He has a 2/10 best return and has a decent economy of 7.37.

Besides Rasool, Vinu and Mishra, VTU-MU Plevens Mukul Kadyan (5), Akshay Harikumar (5) and Aswad Khan (5), Academic – MU Sofias Huzaif Yousuf (5), Bradleey Constantine (4) and Ashbel Nicson (4) , Rohit Dhiman (4) and Hristo Lakov (4) from the Indo-Bulgarian CC and Muhammad Uzair (4) from BSCU – MU Plovdiv are the most successful bowlers of the teams that will practice their craft on Thursday.

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Fan2Play Fantasy Cricket Tips, Playing 11, Pitch Report and Injury Update for ECS T10 Bulgaria, Match 15 and 16 Wed, 07 Jul 2021 05:57:00 +0000

Ali Rasool is a good captain for this encounter.

Motera cricket stadium. (Photo source: Twitter)

Game details

The VTU MU Pleven will compete in the 15th and 16th games of the ECS Bulgaria T10 tournament against the team from the Medical University of Sofia. These two games will be played at the Vasil Levski National Sports Academy in Sofia.

The first match between these two outfits starts at 6:00 p.m. IST, while the second duel starts at 8:00 p.m.


The website of the Sofia Medical University is currently in 3rd place in the table of points. The team won 2 out of 4 games they played in the tournament. They beat up the MU Plovdiv team in their previous game.

The team of the VTU Pleven, however, occupies 4th place in the point table. In the 2 games they participated in, they each won one game and lost one game. They sided with the Barbarian CC in their previous encounter.

Probable XI games for MUS vs. PLE

Sofia Medical University

Omar Rasool, Ali Rasool, Ishan Aravinda De Silva, Ashbel Nicson, Kevin Dsouza, Albin Jacob, Nikhil Oliviera, Delrick Vinu, Bradleey Constantine, Huzaif Yusuf, Kevin George

Mu Pleven

Mukul Kadyan, Tarun Yadav, Akshay Harikumar, Aswad Khan, Apoorv Mishra, Jishnu Sivakumar, Nithin Sunil, Suhaid Puthanpurayil, Aamir Shah, Mayank Singh, Amal Thomas

Captain tips for MUS vs. PLE

Ali Rasool

Ali Rasool was great with the ball in the Sofia Medical University match against the MU Plovdiv team. In the 2 overs that he bowled, Rasool gave away 10 runs and scalped a couple of wickets.

Aswad Khan

Aswad Khan was the top scorer for the MU Pleven team in their previous game against the Barbarian CC team. Khan scored the highest score with a 15-ball 24. He also picked up a wicket with the ball in hand.

Fan2Play Fantasy Cricket Tips

2-player team

Ali Rasool (C), Mukul Kadyan

3-player team

Aswad Khan (C), Kevin George, Albin Jacob

4-player team

Akshay Harikumar (C), Amal Thomas, Ashbel Nicson, Delrick Vinu

11-player team

Omar Rasool, Nithin Sunil, Mukul Kadyan, Ashbel Nicson, Ali Rasool (C), Aswad Khan (VC), Akshay Harikumar, Kevin George, Albin Jacob, Amal Thomas, Delrick Vinu

Disclaimer: This team is based on the understanding, analysis, and instinct of the author. When choosing your team, consider the points mentioned and make your own decision.

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ECS T10 Bulgaria Squads, schedule, venue, broadcaster, and everything you need to know Tue, 06 Jul 2021 04:33:00 +0000

A total of 24 games will be played from June 5th to 10th.

The County Ground, Bristol, England. (Photo by Harry Trump / Getty Images)

The Caravan European Cricket Series T10 continues, even if the Hungarian stage comes to an end today. The Bulgaria starts now on July 5th and lasts until July 10th. A total of five teams – Academic – MU Sofia, Barbarians, BSCU – MU Plovdiv, Indo-Bulgarian CC and VTU-MU Pleven – will fight for the glory over the course of the next week.

Each team plays the other twice and to simplify the schedule, the two teams play against each other in back-to-back games. All games are to be played at the Vassil Levski National Sports Academy in Sofia. The competition starts with the successive games between the Indo-Bulgarian CC and Academic – MU Sofia, while the day ends with the games between BSCU – MU Plovdiv and Barbarians.

Here is everything you need to know about ECS T10 Bulgaria:

ECS T10 Bulgaria schedule

July 5, 2021

Game 1 – Indo-Bulgarian CC vs Academic – MU Sofia – 11:30 am IST

Match 2 – Academic – MU Sofia vs Indo-Bulgarian CC – 1.30 p.m. IST

Match 3 – BSCU – MU Plovdiv – Barbarians – 6:00 p.m. IST

Game 4 – Barbarians vs. BSCU – MU Plovdiv – 8 p.m. IST

July 6, 2021

Game 5 – BSCU – MU Plovdiv vs Academic – MU Sofia – 11:30 am IST

Match 6 – Academic – MU Sofia vs BSCU – MU Plovdiv – 1.30 p.m. IST

Match 7 – Barbarians vs. VTU-MU-Pleven – 3:30 p.m. IST

Match 8 – VTU-MU-Pleven vs. Barbarians – 5:30 p.m. IST

July 7, 2021

Game 9 – Indo – Bulgarian CC vs. VTU-MU Pleven – 11:30 am IST

Game 10 – VTU-MU Pleven vs. Indo – Bulgarian CC – 1.30 p.m. IST

Game 11 – Academics – MU Sofia vs. Barbarians – 3:30 p.m. IST

Game 12 – Barbarians vs. Academics – MU Sofia – 5:30 p.m. IST

July 8, 2021

Game 13 – Indo – Bulgarian CC vs. BSCU – MU Plovdiv – 11:30 am IST

Game 14 – BSCU – MU Plovdiv vs. Indo – Bulgarian CC – 1.30 p.m. IST

Game 15 – Academics – MU Sofia vs. VTU-MU Pleven – 3:30 p.m. IST

Game 16 – VTU-MU Pleven vs Academic – MU Sofia – 5:30 p.m. IST

July 9, 2021

Game 17 – Indo – Bulgarian CC vs. Barbarians – 11:30 am IST

Game 18 – Barbarians vs. Indo – Bulgarian CC – 1.30 p.m. IST

Game 19 – VTU-MU Pleven – BSCU – MU Plovdiv – 3:30 p.m. IST

Game 20 – BSCU – MU Plovdiv vs. VTU-MU Pleven – 6:00 p.m. IST

July 10, 2021

Eliminator – 11:30 am IST

Qualification 1 p.m. – 1.30 p.m. IST

Qualification 2 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. IST

Final – 7:30 p.m. IST

ECS T10 Bulgaria squad

Academics – MU Sofia: Ahsan Raja, Albin Jacob, Ali Rasool, Ashbel Nicson, Bipin Gattapur, Bradleey Constantine, Delrick Vinu, Firas Hussain, Gathsara Seekuge, Hassan Arslan, Huzaif Yousuf, Ishan de Silva, Kevin D’Souza, Kevin George, Muhammad Tayub, Nabeel Husein , Nikhil Oliviera, Omar Rasool

Indo – Bulgarian CC: Agagyul Ahmadhel, Bakhtiar Tahiri, Deep Singh, Deepak Chauhan, Dushyant Sharma, Hristo Lakov, Lovesh Sharma, Nirdosh Sharma, Prakash Mishra, Rohit Dhiman, Rohit Singh, Saheldzhalat Malang, Shafquat Khan, Sid Kulkarni Uahwani, Suraj Negi Shin, Vigne

Barbarians: Alexander Stoychev, Andrei Lilov, Boyko Ivanov, Deyan Shipkov, Dino Nikolov, Hristo Ivanov, Ivan Ivanov, Ivan Kamburov, Ivaylo Andreev, Ivaylo Katzaraski, Julian Hristov, Krasimir Kamenov, Mario Berberyan, Mohammad Fayaz, Nikolay Nankov, Tom Om .olo, Vasil Hristov, Vasilen Kamburov

VTU-MU Pleven: Aadithya Nair, Aamir Shah, Akshay Harikumar, Amal Thomas, Apoorv Mishra, Aswad Khan, Jishnu Sivakumar, Mayank Singh, Mukul Kadyan, Nithin Sunil, Rabeeh Ur Rahman, Raheel Zaman, Ruhail Masheelood, Suhaid Puthapurayav.

BSCU – MU Plovdiv: Aamir Nakhuda, Adithya Patnam, Ali Hussain, Ali Lucman, Alwin Paul, Esah Altaf, Faizan Rehman, Haamid Hussain, Jalal Asif, Junaid Farooq, Muhammad Uzair, Nabeel Javed, Parth Acharya, Saim Hussain, Sulaiman Ali, Gobu. Waqasha, Zain Abidi.

ECS T10 Bulgaria Live Streaming

Live streaming of this tournament will be available on fan code.

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PLO vs MUS Fantasy Prediction: BSCU-MU Plovdiv vs Medical University Sofia Best Fantasy Team for ECS T10 Kiel Mon, 05 Jul 2021 17:13:16 +0000

PLO vs. MUS Fantasy Prediction: BSCU-MU Plovdiv vs. Sofia Medical University – July 6, 2021 (Sofia). Saim Hussain, Kevin D’Souza, and Sulaiman Ali are the best fantasy picks of this game.

BSCU-MU Plovdiv meets the Medical University of Sofia in the league game of the ECS Bulgaria T10 League 2021, which will be played in the Bulgarian city of Sofia. Another week and the caravan of the ECS T10 League has reached another country.

Both teams are hoping for their second win of the season.

Pitch report – An artificial surface is used in the game.

Game details:

Time:- 12 p.m. IST, live on fan code Stadion: Vassil Levski National Sports Academy, Sofia

Probable XI for both sides: –

BSCU-MU Plovdiv– Saim Hussain, Adithya Patnam, Aamir Nakhuda, Ali Hussain, Sulaiman Ali, Haamid Hussain, Muhammad Uzair, Parth Acharya, Vishnu Sureshbabu, Waqas Gondal, Jalal Asif.

Sofia Medical University – Omar Rasool, Ishan de Silva, Firas Hussain, Kevin D’Souza, Ashbel Nicson, Ali Rasool, Ahsan Raja, Huzaif Yousuf, Alibin Jacob, Kevin George, Delrick Vinu.

PLO vs MUS: key players in the game

BSCU-MU Plovdiv Top 2 picks: –

Saim Hussein: – Hussain had 376 runs averaging 53.71 last season while his hit rate was 204.34.

Sulaiman Ali: – Ali scored 328 runs averaging 82.00 last season while scalping five wickets in bowling.

Sofia Medical University Top 3 tips: –

Ishan de Silva: – Silva averaged 233 runs last season with an average of 33.28 while his hit rate was 215.74.

Kevin D’Souza: – D’Souza had 198 runs averaging 49.50 last season while his hit rate was 257.14.

Albin Jakob: – Jacob was the team’s top wicket taker last season, scalping nine wickets.

PLO vs MUS Final Fantasy team: –

WK: S Hussain, i de Silva.

Batsmen: A Nicson, K D’Souza, A Hussain.

All-rounder: S Ali, J Asif.

Bowler: A Jacob, H Yusuf, D Vinu, M Uzair-I.

Game prediction: Sofia Medical University will be the favorite to win.

Top names for the captaincy: –

Saim Hussain and Ishan de Silva

Top names for the vice-captain’s role: –

Both the choice of the captain and Sulaiman Ali and Kevin D’Souza

SportsRush Small-League Fantasy Team for the game

Note: For teams updated after the lineup is announced, join The SportsRush Premium on our mobile app.

Fantasy disclaimer

All of our selections are based on an in-depth and astute analysis of the players participating in the game, a field report and a review of other arguments. Please consider a number of factors as you design your own site, using this article as a guide for the game and players.

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Elections in Bulgaria: Interior minister claims Borisov’s party bought votes Mon, 05 Jul 2021 10:02:09 +0000

Police in Plovdiv found out that in the April 4th parliamentary elections votes were bought on behalf of Boiko Borissov’s GERB party, caretaker Interior Minister Boiko Rashkov claimed in an interview with Bulgarian National Radio on July 5th.

Over the weekend it was reported that police in Stolipinovo, a predominantly Roma area in Plovdiv, had carried out an operation against people involved in voting for the April elections.

Bulgarian media quoted Plovdiv Regional Deputy Prosecutor, Atanas Iliev, who said the prosecutor had instructed the Ministry of Interior not to release any information about the case.

Rashkov said the votes were bought for 30 leva each. He said that several thousand people had been the subject of vote-buying prior to the April 4th elections.

According to Rashkov, the Ministry of the Interior had long since had information about the people involved in voting, but they were protected by a political “umbrella”.

He claimed that the prosecutor’s office was “led” by Borisov. “Because he has no way of knowing what will happen during an inspection, whether there is any data on the purchase of votes in Plovdiv. This connection is very strange, it’s annoying – who do you think is the prosecutor in this country – the chief prosecutor is the one who commands (attorney general) Ivan Geshev – and this is the one who spoke about a case in Ribaritsa yesterday about the he shouldn’t have any information – that’s Borissov ”.

Rashkov said the police were working hard to prevent voting in connection with the July 11 parliamentary elections.

He said there had been nine pre-election pre-election crimes trials in Burgas, three of which were expedited.

Rashkov said that in a house in a village in Svilengrad, company cash books with sales and a list of 28,000 voters in the district had been found in the past few days.

“I hope the prosecutor has already been notified that a very serious investigation into the Haskovo prosecutor’s office should be launched as it is not uncommon to find such huge electoral rolls to be relied upon to help the GERB party come into play To support elections. “Said Rashkov.

On July 4, in an interview with Darik Radio, Rashkov said that instead of being assisted by prosecutors in operations against vote-buying, the police had instead encountered obstacles, particularly with regard to buying votes for a party he was did not want to call.

Rashkov said the Ministry of Interior did not inform prosecutors in advance of operations against vote-buying because it was surprising that most of the way was done to guarantee the success of such operations.

On July 5, GERB denied Rashkov’s allegations.

As quoted by Nova Televizia, a GERB spokesman dismissed Rashkov’s allegations as “another gross manipulation by (President) Roumen Radev’s electoral headquarters in the form of the transitional cabinet”.

“It is time for Boiko Rashkov to stop talking and prove his claims,” ​​said the spokesman.

(Rashkov photo:

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