Coach Didier Six calls on 25 players

The French coach of the Silly National, Didier Six, has published the list of the 25 players who will play the next three games in the qualifying phase of the 2022 World Cup. Some players are making their comeback like Simon Follett, Jose Martinez Conto. In accordance with the decision …

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Power is a double-edged sword for the global metals sector

The world will need many more metals like copper, nickel and aluminum if it is to be decarbonised. The potential “green” boom in demand due to more renewable energies, more electricity infrastructure and more electric vehicles is the promise of tomorrow for such “energy transition” metals. But as China first …

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Covid-19 in Bulgaria: 87 dead last day, 2142 new cases

77 people in Bulgaria who tested positive for Covid-19 died last day, bringing the country’s disease-related death toll to 20,812, according to the Health Ministry report dated Sept. 30. Of 19,237 tests done the previous day, 2,142 – about 11.13 percent – were positive. The number of confirmed cases of …

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