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Jaylan Hankin was in action from the start when Gibraltar faced Bulgaria under 21 away.
An offensive-looking Bulgaria started looking for a quick goal.
However, Gibraltar had to claim a penalty within the first five minutes after Bulgaria’s defense defeated an attacker after a brief pause.
Bulgaria moved on just as quickly in the next game after a save from Hankin was not cleared by the defenders, who went in for an easy shot.
Only a minute later, Hankin was back in action, a quick hand-out reflex was able to clear a header accurately. This time his defense reacts well.
Forced to deeply defend Gibraltar’s U21 players, dressed to the rear, block Bulgaria’s path to goal.
Gibraltar’s only attacker is waiting for an opportunity to break through. The defensive wall in front of the penalty area slowed Bulgaria down for the first twenty minutes of the game. Gibraltar has the chance to have a little more ball for a short time.
Gibraltar conceded two goals in a row after trailing 3-0 in the half hour.
Bulgaria scored their fourth goal after thirty-four minutes after opening the Gibraltar defense.
Bulgaria entered the half-time break 4-0.
Jaylan Hankin was back in action at the beginning of the second half and blocked a break into the penalty area.
Bulgaria added their fifth place to the hour after continuing to put pressure on Gibraltar. Up until then, Gibraltar had played with ten men after Montovio was sent off with a second yellow card.
It was with their backs to the wall that Bulgaria controlled and dominated possession of the ball to improve their record.
Gibraltar defended itself in the penalty area for the last ten minutes.

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New EES technologies at Bulgaria’s aviation hubs – Airport World https://moiteplanini.com/new-ees-technologies-at-bulgarias-aviation-hubs-airport-world/ https://moiteplanini.com/new-ees-technologies-at-bulgarias-aviation-hubs-airport-world/#respond Thu, 07 Oct 2021 10:05:29 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/new-ees-technologies-at-bulgarias-aviation-hubs-airport-world/

SSARM is one of the leading IT system integrators in Bulgaria and, following a tender from the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior, last year received a major order to equip the Bulgarian aviation hubs with EES-compliant border control solutions.

In the meantime, SSARM, in cooperation with its German partner secunet, has fully installed a secure turnkey solution at Sofia, Varna and Burgas airports. Bulgaria was one of the first countries in Europe to fully prepare its busiest air borders for the EU-wide entry / exit system, long before it is expected to start in May 2022.

Nikolay Dimchev – Managing Director of SSARM – about the project, his most interesting findings and the added value for passengers, border control and airports.

What exactly did you install at the airports in Varna, Burgas and Sofia and why?

The reason for the introduction of new border control systems is closely related to the decision of the EU to introduce the entry / exit system in the entire Schengen area in 2022. By taking facial images and fingerprints, all Member States will in future know better which third-country nationals are entering the EU and ensure that individual passengers do not stay too long. This increases security for all of us.

The integration of these additional process steps in the primary border control threatens to collapse with unchanged infrastructures, because the processing takes an average of 40-45 seconds longer – per passenger! Process automation at all possible steps, including stationary border control counters, is therefore unavoidable.

The Ministry of the Interior has therefore decided to comprehensively modernize the border control technology and entrusted us with the implementation. Then – in cooperation with our project partner secunet – we installed ABC gates, self-service kiosks as well as camera systems and fingerprint readers for the stationary counters at the three aviation hubs in Bulgaria.

The technologies fulfill very different functions and are partly intended for different groups of passengers – but all the technologies together will noticeably accelerate the border control process and significantly reduce the workload of the officers responsible.

EES installations at Bulgarian air traffic hubs: Burgas Airport

Why did you decide to bring secunet on board as a partner for the EES implementation? SSARM is itself a well-positioned IT system integrator.

We have been working with secunet for a long time in the field of high security technologies and they have proven to us time and again in previous projects that the quality of their products is not only right, but also that it fully meets the requirements of our customers.

The secunet experts simply understood the processes and requirements on the customer side well and implemented them accordingly in their products. That is why we contacted secunet for the EES project. Although we ourselves are excellently positioned as a system integrator who knows the Bulgarian market very well, we do not have our own product portfolio in this area.

We were also impressed by the EES solutions from secunet: They deliver EES-compliant biometric solutions that guarantee the best possible quality of biometric data and are designed with a high level of protection against circumvention and forgery. This is extremely important, especially in unattended systems where the officer is not right next to you and monitoring every passenger.

And last but not least, all products are characterized by a very eye-catching, modern design – not to be underestimated in view of today’s innovative airport architecture.

ABC gates and self-service kiosk systems at Sofia Airport

Modernizing the border control infrastructure was certainly a big investment. What are the benefits for passengers, airports and border controls?

The advantages are quickly summed up: passengers – no matter where they come from – now have access to automation technologies at the Bulgarian airports in Sofia, Varna and Burgas. If you will, they have at least part of their border crossing in their own hands.

Thanks to intuitive user guidance and innovative security mechanisms, passengers can be sure that their data will be recorded quickly and processed securely and in compliance with data protection regulations. Of course, high-quality biometric registration is particularly important for the border police. In addition, the officers are optimally supported by the technologies and not burdened additionally.

And the airports benefit from the fact that despite more extensive border control processes, which actually take more time, there are not significantly more queues and missed connecting flights. In short: with automation and process optimization, we have ensured that time limits and the increasing number of passengers can be properly and safely intercepted even in “EES operation”.

Impressions of the installed easytowers and easygates at Varna Airport

What are your most important insights from this EES project?

Actually, we faced the same challenges in the EES project as in almost every IT project: If it becomes more concrete than a description on paper, it is not uncommon for new or changed requirements on the customer side to arise that have to be implemented at short notice in the ongoing project. This is completely normal and we can handle it very well.

With the EES installations, for example, we installed the most modern and safest products and found that this alone was not enough. Border control projects are about more than “just” installing technology. The products should optimize passenger processes and fit perfectly into the respective environment and infrastructure, which is different at every airport and on every land border.

That was an important and new insight for us. In this specific case, we have also integrated functional expansions into the current project that were not planned beforehand. The installation of glass walls between stationary and automated border control or the construction of racks for the fingerprint scanners, which otherwise would not be perfectly positioned for the passengers, are small examples.

Fortunately, together with secunet, we were able to offer all new customer requests quickly and in line with requirements, integrate them into the project implementation and still deliver on time.

Another important, but certainly not new, finding is that, right up to the end, you have to react flexibly and concentrate on details if you want perfectly fitting and visually appealing installations.

Are there any other points that you would like to highlight in particular?

The EES installation was our first border control project, our premiere, so to speak. We are proud and relieved that we completed the task to the full satisfaction of the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior. Having the very experienced people from secunet on board was of course an enormous advantage for us. In times of this pandemic we learned a lot together and supported each other in the best possible way, even if we had to do this “remotely” for the majority of the project.

Thanks to this perfect cooperation, we were able to implement the installations on time and to achieve the customer’s stated goal: Bulgaria is one of the first countries in the EU to be equipped with an EES-compliant overall solution at the three air traffic hubs, long before the official introduction of the Entry / exit system. We are proud of that.


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Where do Bulgarian students want to study? – Novinite.com https://moiteplanini.com/where-do-bulgarian-students-want-to-study-novinite-com/ https://moiteplanini.com/where-do-bulgarian-students-want-to-study-novinite-com/#respond Wed, 06 Oct 2021 20:56:51 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/where-do-bulgarian-students-want-to-study-novinite-com/

Early applications for the Netherlands increase by 80%. Belgium becomes the travel destination of choice, and interest in the USA grows

The growth of early applications for study in the Netherlands in the next academic year is over 80%, announced the company “Integral” – organizer of the forum “World Education”, which will take place in Sofia for the 42nd time this fall (October 9th ). -10). Plovdiv (October 11th), Burgas (October 12th) and Varna (October 13th). In some areas, such as Varna and Burgas, this increase reaches two or even three times. The data come from the virtual format of the exhibition in September that has already been carried out. The specialties in Netherlands, Bulgarian graduates will focus on in the next year are computer science, economics and management, game design, animation, psychology. The target filled a niche that opened up after Brexit and the UK’s elimination of student loans.

In the list of the top 3 most popular study abroad countries, the Netherlands are in first place and Germany in second place and the United Kingdom in third place, with only a quarter of candidates choosing a country.

The other ascending goal is according to the integral Belgium. The interest in training in this country is almost five times as high as in the previous year, albeit on a low basis. Belgium comes across with cheap tuition fees (962 euros for a bachelor’s degree and for most master’s programs), the possibility of choosing an academic or practical profile, as well as the English-language courses such as media and communication, IT, business and economics, tourism.

After Brexit, there is an interesting trend of increasing interest in US universities, reported Integral. The cost of studying there is the same as in the United Kingdom, and in some cases even lower. At the same time, the quality of higher education in the United States continues to be as high as possible.

Bulgarians are even interested in studying at Harvard, for which the current social situation in the country could be important, said Nikolay Hristanov, university advisor at Integral. There are currently 25 Bulgarians studying at Harvard, according to a public report from the world-famous university. “The first thing we have to say to our customers interested in studying at Harvard is that this is a very demanding task! For information only – more than 50,000 people applied there for 2021, a little over 2,000 were accepted. “, added Hristanov. Applications and admissions are document-based, and Harvard is one of the universities where the pandemic has removed the requirement to submit a document for a successful SAT. The ideal candidate for Harvard must have an excellent academic profile, active participation in high quality school and extracurricular projects, motivation, commitment and determination.

Around 50 percent of the registered participants in the online exhibition organized by Integral in mid-September showed interest in just one subject.

However, the preferences as areas show the same trends regardless of whether the prospects are in 10th, 11th or 12th grade. Most interested are business, economics and finance, followed by computer science and information technology in second place and art and design in third place. The top 10 also include: media and communication, humanities, politics and international relations, engineering and natural sciences, mathematics, law, tourism. There is also interest in subjects such as medicine, language and literature. New preferences are emerging that have previously been lacking, such as physical therapy, music and singing, food processing and technology.

Traditionally, most students apply from the French High School in Sofia, Second and First English High School, SMG, NPMG, Plovdiv Language High School, National Trade High School in Plovdiv, Romain Rolland High School in Stara Zagora, Geo Milev High School in Burgas, Ioan Ekzarh High School in Varna, Hristo Botev Language High School, Kardzhali.

The forum, which will take place this weekend (October 9-10) in the International Business School building in Sofia, will be attended by 30 schools from around the world, including 4 from the United States of America, 6 from the Netherlands, 8 from Great Britain, 6 from Switzerland, as well as from Belgium, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, Spain, Bulgaria. For the first time in Bulgaria, four renowned American universities will present their stands: University of Connecticut, Pace University, Arizona State University and Simmons College. Some of them offer up to 50% discount on tuition fees.

For the first time, the host institutions include the Swiss Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), which occupies a leading position among universities for hospitality management (QS World University Rankings 2019, 2020 and 2021) and its gastronomic restaurant Le Berceau des Sens is the only school of World with a Michelin star. The prestige of Swiss education in the hotel and tourism sector is supplemented by the participation of 4 schools of the Swiss Education Group, which are also placed in the top 10 of the QS ranking.

Secondary schools and boarding schools from Europe will also have their own stands. For the first time, the David Game College is participating – an independent private college for secondary education in the heart of London. The college prides itself on the excellence of its students and partners with over 98 universities. Over 70% of graduates are admitted to top universities by the Russell Group. The university offers a scholarship of 30% of the tuition fee for natural sciences (chemistry, physics or biology) and a music scholarship of 20% of the tuition fee.

Other secondary students coming back to Bulgaria are Kings Education (UK), Aiglon College (Switzerland), Sidcot School (UK), d’Overbroecks (UK), Oxford Sixth Form College (UK), Oxford International College (UK), ACS Cobham International School (UK).

During the exhibitions in Sofia and the country, in addition to the opportunities for direct encounters with the participating universities and grammar schools, an accompanying program of seminars on specific goals and topics that are relevant for prospective students and their parents will be offered.

Pre-registration for participation in the exhibitions in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas is made at https://www.world-education.eu/. All necessary anti-epidemic measures were taken to reassure visitors.


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Covid-19 in Bulgaria: 104 dead, 2866 new cases last day https://moiteplanini.com/covid-19-in-bulgaria-104-dead-2866-new-cases-last-day/ https://moiteplanini.com/covid-19-in-bulgaria-104-dead-2866-new-cases-last-day/#respond Wed, 06 Oct 2021 07:16:26 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/covid-19-in-bulgaria-104-dead-2866-new-cases-last-day/

The death of 104 people who tested positive for Covid-19 in Bulgaria was recorded last day, bringing the country’s disease-related death toll to 21,320, the Ministry of Health said on October 6.

The Ministry of Health announced that 96.15 percent of those who died last day were not vaccinated.

Of 25,165 tests done the previous day, 2,866 – about 11.38 percent – turned out positive.

So far, 511 666 cases of the new coronavirus have been confirmed in Bulgaria, of which 47 858 are active. The number of active cases has increased by 753 from the October 5 report.

The Ministry of Health said that as of the previous day, 2029 people were registered to have recovered from the virus, bringing the total to 442,488.

Bulgaria has 5,223 hospitalized patients with Covid-19, an increase of 19 from the number reported in the October 5 report, with 460 in intensive care, an increase of 15.

58 medical staff tested positive the previous day for a total of 14,643.

So far, 2 563 069 vaccine doses against Covid-19 have been administered in Bulgaria, 7412 of them on the previous day.

A total of 1,345,602 people in Bulgaria completed the vaccination cycle, 4809 of them on the previous day.

The report states that 2,705 people have received a booster vaccination so far, including 865 in the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

Regardless, the daily update from the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases states that Bulgaria’s Covid-19 morbidity rate as of October 6 on a 14-day basis was 360.41.

For the rest of The Sofia Globe’s ongoing coverage of the Covid-19 situation, please click here.

The Sofia Globe’s reporting on the Covid-19 situation in Bulgaria is supported by the embassies of Switzerland and Finland.

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The Bulgarian food and beverage market will see tremendous growth by 2026 https://moiteplanini.com/the-bulgarian-food-and-beverage-market-will-see-tremendous-growth-by-2026/ https://moiteplanini.com/the-bulgarian-food-and-beverage-market-will-see-tremendous-growth-by-2026/#respond Tue, 05 Oct 2021 20:00:17 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/the-bulgarian-food-and-beverage-market-will-see-tremendous-growth-by-2026/

Bulgaria food and beverage market

The latest published market study of the global food and beverage market in Bulgaria provides an overview of the current market dynamics in the food and beverage market in Bulgaria, along with the forecasts of our survey participants – all outsourcing decision-makers – for the market in 2027. The study divides the market by sales and volume (if applicable) and price history to estimate size and trend analyzes and identify gaps and opportunities. Some of the actors covered by the study are Vitta Foods, Sofia Mel, Adela Ltd., Sucreries Raffineries Bulgares, The Kraft Heinz Company, Danone, Zagorka, Nestlé Bulgaria and Unilever.

Get ready to identify the pros and cons of regulatory frameworks, local reforms and their impact on the industry. Find out how food and drink leaders in Bulgaria are taking a step forward with our latest survey analysis

For Sample PDF Copy For Global Food And Beverage Market Research In Bulgaria @: https://www.htfmarketreport.com/sample-report/3017797-global-bulgaria-food-and-drink-market-report-2020-by-key-players-types-applications-countries-market-size-forecast- until -2026

Key highlights from the study as well as the most frequently asked questions:

1) What is so unique about this global food and beverage evaluation in Bulgaria?

Market factor analysis: In this economic slowdown, the effects on various industries are enormous. In addition, the increase in the demand and supply gap as a result of the sluggish supply chain and production line has made the market an observation. In addition, technological, regulatory and economic trends that influence the market are discussed. It also explains the main drivers and regional dynamics of the world market and current trends within the industry.

Market Concentration: Includes C4 Index, HHI, Comparative Bulgarian Food and Beverage Market Share Analysis (YoY), Key Companies, Emerging Players with Heatmap Analysis

Market Entropy: Randomness of the market that highlights aggressive steps players are taking to overcome the current scenario. Development activities and steps such as expansions, technological progress, M&A, joint ventures, market launches are highlighted here.

Patent analysis: comparison of the patents granted by each player per year.

Peer Analysis: A rating of players based on financial metrics such as EBITDA, Net Income, Gross Margin, Total Revenue, Segmented Market Share, Assets, etc. to understand management effectiveness, operations, and liquidity status.

2) Why are only a few companies portrayed in the report?
Industrial standards such as NAICS, ICB etc. are derived from the most important manufacturers. More emphasis is placed on SMEs that appear on the market with their product presence and technologically improved modes and continue to develop. The current version includes actors like “Vitta Foods, Sofia Mel, Adela Ltd., Sucreries Raffineries Bulgares, The Kraft Heinz Company, Danone, Zagorka, Nestlé Bulgaria & Unilever” etc. and many more.

** The reported companies may differ depending on the name change / merger, etc.

Search the full report at @: https://www.htfmarketreport.com/reports/3017797-global-bulgaria-food-and-drink-market-report-2020-by-key-players-types-applications-countries-market-size-forecast-to- 2026

3) What details will the competitive landscape provide?
A chapter on value propositions to measure the Bulgarian food and beverage market. 2-page profiles of all public companies with financial data for 3 to 5 years for tracking and comparing business summaries, product specifications, etc.

4) What does all regional segmentation cover? Can certain countries of interest be added?
The countries included in the analysis are North America (covered in Chapters 6 and 13), USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe (covered in Chapters 7 and 13), Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Others, Asia Pacific (Covered in Chapters 8 and 13), China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, Southeast Asia, Other, Middle East and Africa (Covered in Chapters 9 and 13), Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Others, South America (covered in Chapters 10 and 13), Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Others
** Countries of primary interest can be added if missing.

5) Is it possible to restrict / adapt the scope of studies to the applications that are of interest to us?
Yes, the general version of the program is broad. However, if you have a limited application in your scope and goal, the degree can also be tailored to just that application. From now on it covers the applications supermarkets, traditional markets, convenience stores and online sales.

** The delivery time may vary depending on the requirements.

In order to mainly understand global Bulgaria Food and Beverage market dynamics in the world, the worldwide Bulgaria Food and Beverage market in major global regions is analyzed. Tailor-made studies according to specific regions or countries can be provided, usually customer preferred below

• North America: United States of America (USA), Canada, and Mexico.
• South and Central America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Brazil.
• Middle East & Africa: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and South Africa.
• Europe: UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, NORDICs, BALTIC countries, Russia, Austria and the rest of Europe.
• Asia: India, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines & Vietnam etc.) & the rest
• Oceania: Australia and New Zealand

Request for adaptation in Report @ https://www.htfmarketreport.com/enquiry-before-buy/3017797-global-bulgaria-food-and-drink-market-report-2020-by-key-players-types-applications-countries-market-size- Forecast-to-2026

Basic segmentation details
Global Bulgaria Food and Beverage Product Types in Detail:, Bread and Grains, Fruits and Vegetables, Fish Products, Meat Products, Dairy Products, Oils and Fats, Beer and Wine, Soft Drinks, and Others

Global Bulgaria Food and Beverage Main Applications / End Consumers: Supermarkets, Traditional Markets, Conveniece Stores & Online Sales

Geographical Analysis: North America (covered in Chapters 6 and 13), United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe (covered in Chapters 7 and 13), Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Others, Asia Pacific (covered in Chapter 7 and 13) in Chapters 8 and 13), China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, Southeast Asia, Other, Middle East and Africa (covered in Chapters 9 and 13), Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Others, South America (covered in Chapters 10 and 13), Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile & Others & Rest of the World

For an in-depth analysis of Food and Beverage market size in Bulgaria, competitive analysis is provided that includes revenue (M USD) by players (2019-2021E) and market share (%) by players (2019-2021E) supplemented by the concentration rate.

Complete the purchase of the Global Bulgaria Food and Drink Report 2021 at the revised offer price @ https://www.htfmarketreport.com/buy-now?format=1&report=3017797

Actual figures and in-depth analysis of the global estimate and trends of the food and beverage market in Bulgaria available in the full version of the report.

Thank you for reading this article. You can also make a partial purchase or sign up for a regional report by limiting the scope to North America, ANZ, Europe or MENA countries, Eastern Europe or the European Union only.

Contact us :
Craig Francis (PR and Marketing Manager)
HTF Market Intelligence Consulting Private Limited
Unit # 429, Parsonage Road Edison, NJ
New Jersey USA – 08837
Phone: +1 (206) 317 1218

Connect with us on LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

About the author:
HTF Market Intelligence Consulting is uniquely positioned to empower and inspire with research and advisory services to assist businesses with growth strategies by offering services with exceptional depth and breadth of thought leadership, research, tools, events and experience brought to bear in the Help decision making.

This press release was published on openPR.

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Bulgaria will borrow BGN 500 million https://moiteplanini.com/bulgaria-will-borrow-bgn-500-million/ https://moiteplanini.com/bulgaria-will-borrow-bgn-500-million/#respond Mon, 04 Oct 2021 18:12:00 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/bulgaria-will-borrow-bgn-500-million/

The Ministry of Finance and the Bulgarian National Bank have announced a date for a new auction in which the country will offer government bonds with a term of 5 years with a total value of BGN 500 million. The Bulgarian Central Bank officially announced this today. The size of the issue is a record for the Bulgarian domestic market.

The experts have set October 11 for the collection and, according to the BNB announcement, want zero interest rates on the securities. This will not set a precedent and just a month ago a new issue of 5 year securities reopened, which were sold at a negative yield of 0.15%. In practice, this means that investors pay the state to borrow money. It is now expected that the same return will be achieved with negative values.

So far this year the country has withdrawn BGN 1.3 billion and if this auction is successful the amount will grow to BGN 1.8 billion. No particular surprise is expected from creditors – banks, pension funds, insurance companies.

The debt ceiling for this year has been set at 4.7 billion BGN, which will finance the budget deficit. However, all of this money is unlikely to be withdrawn as the budget is in the red for the third month.

/ ClubZ

Copyright (c) Novinite.com. Published with permission from Big News Network

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Pak-Bulgaria agree to strengthen bilateral economic cooperation https://moiteplanini.com/pak-bulgaria-agree-to-strengthen-bilateral-economic-cooperation/ https://moiteplanini.com/pak-bulgaria-agree-to-strengthen-bilateral-economic-cooperation/#respond Sun, 03 Oct 2021 15:16:08 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/pak-bulgaria-agree-to-strengthen-bilateral-economic-cooperation/

ISLAMABAD, October 03 (APP): Pakistan and Bulgaria agreed on Sunday to strengthen bilateral economic cooperation in various sectors and intend to secure investment in various potential areas on both sides.

Both countries agreed to initiate the proposal to invest in various potential areas such as information technology (IT), food processing and tourism sectors for investment, according to a press release from the Board of Investment (BOI) here.

The Secretary of the Investment Committee (BOI), Ms. Fareena Mazhar, received the Bulgarian Ambassador to Pakistan, Ms. Irena Gancheva, in her office to discuss the different areas of cooperation, economy and investment.

The Bulgarian ambassador further emphasized that there are many opportunities and potentials for mutual investment between the two countries.

The ambassador expressed particular interest in the Pakistani IT sector from an investment point of view and underlined the importance of Pakistan’s strategic location as a gateway to the Asian market.

She added that Bulgaria shares its border with Turkey, which makes it the first country in the European Union in terms of its geographic location in relation to Asia and can serve as a gateway to the European market for Pakistani products.

The ambassador said that food processing, especially yogurt and cheese production, was Bulgaria’s specialty and that it was a cheap sector to invest in Pakistan.

An MoU has been signed between the Invest Bulgaria agency and the Board of Investment, which must be implemented with full force, she said.

While Secretary BOI briefed the Ambassador on regulatory reforms introduced by the Board of Investment that have made Pakistan’s business climate immensely investor friendly.

She went on to say that the COVID situation in Pakistan has improved and the government has dealt with the pandemic efficiently, making it easy for foreign investors to visit Pakistan and stay safe.

Regarding priority investment areas, Ms. Fareena said that the Pakistani government is promoting investments in the textile and food processing sectors with added value.

The secretary assured that a virtual meeting between the Investment Committee and its Bulgarian counterpart, the Invest Bulgaria agency, will be organized by the end of this month in order to rejuvenate the MoU and further explore possible areas of cooperation.

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2021 presidential elections in Bulgaria: GERB-supported Gerdzhikov-Miteva ticket introduced https://moiteplanini.com/2021-presidential-elections-in-bulgaria-gerb-supported-gerdzhikov-miteva-ticket-introduced/ https://moiteplanini.com/2021-presidential-elections-in-bulgaria-gerb-supported-gerdzhikov-miteva-ticket-introduced/#respond Sun, 03 Oct 2021 10:23:53 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/2021-presidential-elections-in-bulgaria-gerb-supported-gerdzhikov-miteva-ticket-introduced/

The candidacy of the Rector of Sofia University Anastas Gerdzhikov and Vice-President Colonel Nevyana Miteva in the presidential elections in Bulgaria in November 2021 was presented at a ceremony on October 3 in Sofia.

The Gerdzhikov-Miteva-Ticket is officially nominated by an initiative committee with more than 70 members, including well-known personalities and academics, and is supported by Boiko Borissov’s GERB-UDF coalition with non-partisan status.

“I’m not a politician, I don’t think and speak like one, and I imagine that I won’t become one,” said Gerdzhikov, who has headed the University of Sofia since 2015.

“I am not a party member, I am not a candidate of the party and I expect the support of all citizens who recognize the need to lend a hand to save us from the current situation,” said Gerdzhikov.

He said he accepted the nomination because “I believe everyone has to pay back at some point in their life what they have received from their country and compatriots”.

He promised his campaign would be positive and said the goal was to restore normalcy to political relations. Members of the initiative committee, who spoke to journalists at the kick-off event, emphasized the difference between Gerdzhikov and incumbent President Roumen Radev, who is seeking a second term, and accused Radev of creating division in the nation.

“I am a Bulgarian like you,” said Gerdzhikov, “who is ready to take responsibility and pay the price for having contributed at least a little to the union. When I say association, I don’t mean politicians and parties, but the people and the nation, ”he said.

In the presidential elections in Bulgaria on November 14th, Radev has the support of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, the ITN of Slavi Trifonov and the party We set the change from Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev as well as some smaller formations.

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms has announced that it will nominate its own presidential candidate, but has indicated that it would support Gerdzhikov should the election go into a second round between Radev and Gerdzhikov.

The Justice for All initiative, which has been campaigning for real judicial reform in Bulgaria for several years, has announced that it will nominate the outgoing chief of the Supreme Court of Cassation, Lozan Panov, for president. Panov’s vice-presidential candidate is journalist Maria Kassimova.

In an interview with Bulgarian National Radio on October 3rd, the co-chairman of the Bulgarian Democratic Coalition, Hristo Ivanov, said it was natural for the coalition to support Panov’s candidacy. The constituent parties of democratic Bulgaria are discussing the matter.

The presidential election will also feature a number of candidacies from ultra-nationalist and far-right parties, including Valeri Simeonov of the National Front for the Rescue of Bulgaria and Volen Siderov, the leader of Ataka. The pro-Russian party Vuzrazhdane nominated its chairman, Kostadin Kostadinov, as a candidate for president.

On the same day as the presidential election in November, Bulgarians are going to parliamentary elections for the third time this year, after the previous two failed to produce an elected government.

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Bulgarian Epidemiologist: Right now it’s not about lockdown at all – Novinite.com https://moiteplanini.com/bulgarian-epidemiologist-right-now-its-not-about-lockdown-at-all-novinite-com/ https://moiteplanini.com/bulgarian-epidemiologist-right-now-its-not-about-lockdown-at-all-novinite-com/#respond Sat, 02 Oct 2021 06:28:23 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/bulgarian-epidemiologist-right-now-its-not-about-lockdown-at-all-novinite-com/

At the moment we have an incarceration of morbidity – from September 2nd, 3rd, said in “The day begins with Georgi Lyubenov” the epidemiologist Prof. Mira Kozhuharova. The fourth wave goes around the world, in our country it is not so steep, which affects the number of people who are treated in hospital.

Prof. Kozhuharova pointed out that the capacities of the hospitals are very carefully not exhausted, people can receive medical care.

“Another problem is that many of them would not need such health care if they had been vaccinated,” he said Epidemiologist.

Prof. Kozhuharova, who is also an advisor to the Minister of Health, defended the measures introduced, as they were implemented in time, and pointed to the smooth development of the patients. They would be a lot less if they had been vaccinated, she said.

The epidemiologist advised people to avoid unnecessary contact and stated that this advice applies to those at higher risk, those who have not been vaccinated.

Prof. Kozhuharova commented that there has never been a lockdown in the real sense of this measure in our country – there was no lock at home and no going out.

“There is no talk of a lockdown at the moment. Of course, some measures can be more compulsory and strict, but it makes sense to do so at the county level. For example, where there is a problem with the capacity of hospitals. “” Said Prof. Kozhuharova.

Concern was about the need to educate children online, the concept for now is that students should study normally because the educational gaps that have been closed last year and possibly now have very far-reaching implications, she added.


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Bulgaria is monitoring Pakistan’s IT sector https://moiteplanini.com/bulgaria-is-monitoring-pakistans-it-sector/ https://moiteplanini.com/bulgaria-is-monitoring-pakistans-it-sector/#respond Sat, 02 Oct 2021 00:49:00 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/bulgaria-is-monitoring-pakistans-it-sector/

ISLAMABAD: The Bulgarian ambassador to Pakistan, Irena Gancheva, underlined on Friday the importance of Pakistan’s strategic location as a gateway to the Asian market and, from an investment perspective, showed particular interest in the IT sector.

Bulgaria borders Turkey, making it the first country in the European Union in terms of its geographical location in relation to Asia and can serve as a gateway to the European market for Pakistani products,” said Ambassador Gancheva in an interview with Fareena Mazhar, Secretary Board of Investment (BOI) in their office.

The ambassador said food processing, particularly yogurt and cheese making, was Bulgaria’s specialty and it would be a cheap sector to invest in Pakistan.

Secretary BOI briefed the Ambassador on regulatory reforms the Board is introducing to make Pakistan’s business climate immensely investor friendly.

“The Covid situation in Pakistan has improved and the government has handled the pandemic efficiently, making it easy for foreign investors to visit Pakistan and stay there safely,” said Fareena.

She outlined priority areas for investment, adding that the Pakistani government is encouraging investments in the textile and food processing sectors with added value.

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