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Fibank headquarters

SOFIA, BULGARIA, July 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — For another year, Fibank (First Investment Bank) took first place in the Financial Institutions category of Bulgaria’s most popular brands, the only consumer ranking in the country. The award went to Mr. Nikola Bakalov, Chairman of the Board and CEO of the bank.

More than 45,000 users took part in the thirteenth edition of Favorite Brands of Bulgaria. They voted in 3 rounds, with the three leading brands competing against each other in the final. For the third year in a row, Fibank was the undisputed leader in the Financial Institutions category and was able to convince its competitors.

The competition “Favorite Brands of Bulgaria” does not use a jury for the nominations or the ranking, only the votes of the users. The results show consumer preferences for specific brands in different industries. Fibank was also awarded the Favorite Brand Award in 2019 and 2020 and won first place in the banking category in 2018.

Ivailo Alexandrov
Fibank (First Investment Bank)
+359 2 800 2753
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Poll in Bulgaria announces paralysis as protest parties no longer have a majority https://moiteplanini.com/poll-in-bulgaria-announces-paralysis-as-protest-parties-no-longer-have-a-majority/ https://moiteplanini.com/poll-in-bulgaria-announces-paralysis-as-protest-parties-no-longer-have-a-majority/#respond Mon, 12 Jul 2021 08:20:17 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/poll-in-bulgaria-announces-paralysis-as-protest-parties-no-longer-have-a-majority/

An anti-establishment party headed by singer Slavi Trifonov is faced with the daunting task of forming a new government in Bulgaria after narrowly taking second place in Sunday’s parliamentary elections.

There Is Such a People (ITN), founded by the celebrated musician and television presenter, received around 23.7 percent of the vote and will need the support of at least one of the despised traditional parties as well as the other two so-called protest parties to form a majority .

Boyko Borisov, the Conservative leader who ruled Bulgaria for the past 12 years, appeared to be at the mercy of the opposition. His Gerb party led the poll results, but it reached just 23.9 percent, according to the Central Election Commission, with 95 percent of the votes counted Monday morning, and there is a lack of allies with whom a coalition could be formed.

Democratic Bulgaria, another protest party, was on track to win 12.6 percent, while anti-transplant Stand up! Mafia out! Movement was 5 percent and thus just exceeded the threshold of 4 percent to move into parliament.

Trifonov must secure the support of at least one of two smaller established parties, the Socialists, which won 13.6 percent, or the Turkish Minority Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRP), which received 10.6 percent.

Analysts said that once overseas votes are counted, ITN could emerge as the largest party. But Bulgaria, the poorest EU member state, is likely headed for an unstable government, if not political paralysis.

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, center, the leader of the Gerb party, speaks to the media outside a polling station in Sofia © Vassil Donev / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

Borisov is very unlikely to be able to form a government because the other parties have vowed not to cooperate with Gerb. But protest groups lack the voices to rule alone and are reluctant to team up with either the socialists or the MRP who they believe have perpetuated a corrupt political system.

“We are nowhere politically because the so-called protest parties didn’t even have enough votes together to form an independent government,” said Hristo Ivanov, a leader of the liberal Yes, Bulgaria !, part of the Democratic Bulgaria Alliance, the Financial Times said on late sunday.

“The result means 110-115 MPs, but I don’t expect anything beyond that,” said Ivanov. “You need at least 122 for a majority. It’s a very difficult situation in which you can’t just call new elections.”

Trifonov, a popular folk-rock singer, kept silent about his plans during the election campaign and confused his potential coalition partners. Bulgarians know little about what his ITN party stands for or about their new MPs in parliament. Ivanov has called his potential coalition partner a “black box”.

Borisov oversaw some economic developments, including upgrading infrastructure, but was unable to shake off lingering transplant accusations that boiled over months of protests last year.

The demonstrations undermined support for Gerb and made it “inviolable” for political partners, according to several analysts and opposition politicians.

“Young people continue to go abroad. Corruption stifles any business initiative. Something has to change, ”38-year-old engineer Nikolay Galabov told Reuters after casting his vote in Sofia.

In an interview last week, the former prime minister dismissed the transplant allegations as unfounded and said the opposition was pushing the agenda of a left-wing “mafia”.

Sunday’s vote was a repeat of the unsuccessful early April elections that failed to form a government. Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev, a staunch opponent of Borisov, has set up an interim administration. Although there was no democratic mandate, it set about cleaning up the public administration, revising the procurement procedures and dismissing officials who were deemed corrupt.

“As soon as the people saw Borisov out of power, they didn’t see an appropriate proposal for a new government in the political market,” Ivanov said, pointing out the low turnout.

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New elections in Bulgaria: Young voters want lying-weary ‘green’ solutions | In the depths | DW https://moiteplanini.com/new-elections-in-bulgaria-young-voters-want-lying-weary-green-solutions-in-the-depths-dw/ https://moiteplanini.com/new-elections-in-bulgaria-young-voters-want-lying-weary-green-solutions-in-the-depths-dw/#respond Sat, 10 Jul 2021 14:59:26 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/new-elections-in-bulgaria-young-voters-want-lying-weary-green-solutions-in-the-depths-dw/

“We urgently need more digitization, legal reforms and a pension increase,” explains Daniel Yanev, a 26-year-old Bulgarian who lives in Berlin. In the summer of 2020 he took an active part in protests against the then government in his home country. “I just cannot accept that Bulgaria is not realizing its economic potential and that people’s standard of living is still well below the EU average. And that’s because of the pervasive corruption and the way public money will be used wasted in Bulgaria, “Yanev told DW.

On July 11th, Bulgarians will be called to the ballot box for the second time this year after attempts to form a government after the April 4th elections have failed. Young people who took to the streets last year want to cast their vote again in order to finally promote change in the corruption-plagued Balkan country – even if they have to interrupt their summer vacation to do so.

Daniel Yanev is one of the founders of ‘Are you lying?’ Fact check platform

Together with friends, Daniel Yanev set up a fact-checking platform whose name translates to “Are you lying?” During the election campaign, the founders research whether politicians are spreading untruths or manipulative statements and publish their findings online. “We pay particular attention to checking statements on the areas of business and health,” says Daniel. “Incorrect information on such topics is particularly dangerous.”

Although Daniel has already decided which party will receive his support on election day, he is at a loss – because even members of “his” party sometimes do not tell the truth. “Working on the ‘Are you lying’ platform taught me to think critically.”

Suffer from corruption

“Corruption is the main scourge of our country,” agrees Boris Bonev. In 2015, together with other young activists, he founded “Save Sofia”, an NGO watchdog group that monitors and criticizes the policies of the Bulgarian Mayoress Yordanka Fandakova and the city administration.

Boris Bonev, co-founder of Save Sofia

Boris Bonev, co-founder of the watchdog NGO “Save Sofia”

Bonev, who studied business administration and innovation and technology management in Paris, and the “Save Sofia” platform are constantly making suggestions on how Sofia can become a more modern, innovative and “greener” city. In 2019, the now 33-year-old ran for mayor’s office with an independent ticket and received more than 10% of the votes.

The fight begins in Sofia

The victories of the opposition in the Hungarian capital Budapest and the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul show, according to Bonev, that the dismantling of a corrupt system, as it was built in Bulgaria by former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov in recent years, has to begin on the whole in cities. “The battle for Bulgaria begins in Sofia,” says Bonev with conviction.

Boyko Borisov gives a speech, small EU flag in his left hand

Boyko Borisov was the Bulgarian Prime Minister until May 12, 2021

According to the latest corruption index from Transparency International, 90% of Bulgarians consider corruption at government level to be a problem. “People are fed up with living in the poorest and most chaotic cities in Europe, under a government run by corruption rather than prudent decisions,” says Bonev.

“Green” solutions

Bonev’s NGO “Save Sofia” has declared its support for nine of the candidates nominated by the Alliance “Democratic Bulgaria” (DB). The DB is an association of parties, which also includes the “Green Movement”. With the move of DB in the course of the elections in April 2020, Bulgaria has Green MPs for the first time since the 1990s. Of the nine DB candidates approved by Save Sofia, five are representatives of the Bulgarian Greens.

Panoramic view of a high pollution area in Sofia, Bulgaria

Every year air pollution kills hundreds of people in the Bulgarian capital

“Our organization is part of the so-called Green Wave in Europe,” says Bonev. He is convinced that Bulgaria and the capital Sofia in particular urgently need green solutions. “The fight against air pollution, which kills hundreds of people in Sofia every year, is one of our top priorities. The other important goal is to reduce car traffic. This can only work if alternatives are provided.”

The 26-year-old activist Daniel Yanev is also looking for alternatives. Bulgaria needs a new generation of politicians – modern, young and independent: “In the elections on July 11th, I will support candidates who are experts and have no dubious past.” According to Yanev, such people are not only needed for Bulgarian politics, but also for the economy of the EU member state.

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Bulgaria’s Postbank launches digital wallet https://moiteplanini.com/bulgarias-postbank-launches-digital-wallet/ https://moiteplanini.com/bulgarias-postbank-launches-digital-wallet/#respond Fri, 09 Jul 2021 09:05:32 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/bulgarias-postbank-launches-digital-wallet/

The last generation ONE wallet – a recently launched mobile wallet from Postbank Bulgaria, a member of the Eurobank Group, is the latest service developed in collaboration with global technology company Software Group (SoftwareGroup.com).

Based on the Software Group’s mobile wallet platform, ONE Wallet is a high-tech application of the latest generation that offers convenience, security and excellent control for contactless card payments and money transfers via a smartphone.

The diverse possibilities of the wallet, which are currently available to active users, enable the bank’s customers to make payments in all branches in Germany and abroad where a contactless POS terminal is available. The functions of the wallet include payments via ATMs, POS and internet, blocking / unblocking of all cards issued by the bank, fast money transfers between wallet users, adding loyalty cards via QR code – all this combined with security and protection of biometric data. Contactless payment with Apple Watch, Garmin or FitBit Smartwatches is also possible.

With ONE Wallet by Postbank, consumers can rely on constant further development and a large number of additional functionalities that the bank will gradually implement in order to offer an excellent customer experience.

“We are honored to be Postbank’s technology partner and to contribute to the growth of their digital ecosystem. Software Group’s mission to help financial institutions deliver better, faster, and more convenient services to their customers is in line with the bank’s long-term digitization strategy. We look forward to creating further added value for the bank and its customers through our cutting-edge technology, ” comments Kalin Radev, CEO of the Software Group.

Software Group’s mobile wallet is one of the most sought-after solutions in the company’s portfolio. Based on the DigiWave core platform, it has enabled leading banks and financial companies in Europe, MENA, Africa, APAC and LATAM to offer their customers a rich portfolio of mobile financial services.

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US-based Linden Energy Approves Acquisition of 50% Stake in Bulgaria’s Largest Privately Held Gas Company | news https://moiteplanini.com/us-based-linden-energy-approves-acquisition-of-50-stake-in-bulgarias-largest-privately-held-gas-company-news/ https://moiteplanini.com/us-based-linden-energy-approves-acquisition-of-50-stake-in-bulgarias-largest-privately-held-gas-company-news/#respond Thu, 08 Jul 2021 18:45:27 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/us-based-linden-energy-approves-acquisition-of-50-stake-in-bulgarias-largest-privately-held-gas-company-news/

Sofia, Bulgaria, July 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Linden Energy, a US energy development company, today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire 50% of Overgas Inc. AD, Bulgaria‘s first independent and most experienced gas trader and largest privately owned gas company in the country.

In connection with the 3 Seas Initiative organized in Sofia, Bulgaria, Linden Energy and Overgas Inc. AD have signed an agreement whereby Linden acquires 50% of Overgas Inc. AD. With Linden’s previous commitment to use 10% of the pipeline capacity of the Greece-Bulgaria (IGB) interconnector, this agreement consolidates Linden’s investment portfolio in Bulgaria and will support new growth in gas network development in the region.

“The Linden team is very pleased to continue our work in Bulgaria and the Balkans, and I believe Overgas is the perfect partner to expand from a leader in the Bulgarian gas market to a leader in the entire Balkan region, “said Stephen Payne, President of Linden Energy. “In addition to our investment, Linden will take an active role in supporting Overgas’ efforts to diversify the energy market in Bulgaria adding other natural gas sources, one possibility is US LNG, “continued Mr. Payne.

Svetoslav Ivanov, Executive Director of Overgas Inc. AD, said, “The 3 Seas Initiative aims to develop the infrastructure in the territories of the participating states that includes the development of energy infrastructure, including gas. As Linden Energy is part of the Overgas companies Joining the group, it has the ambition to help implement Overgas Inc. AD’s ideas for developing markets in the Western Balkans countries by securing the political and financial support required for these projects in the Western Balkans region and gasification of the urbanized areas in the Western Balkans.

With today’s agreement, Linden acquires a 50 percent stake in Overgas Inc. AD, Bulgaria largest privately owned gas trading company. The shares were previously owned by Of Russia Gazprom and Overgas were in. bought back December 2020.

About Linden Energy

Linden Energy is a US-based, internationally oriented energy development company. Founded in 2013 by 2013 Stephen Payne, Linden has projects under consideration Europe, Eastern Europe, and South asia. Linden’s founder, Stephen Payne, has many years of experience in the international energy sector, having negotiated over 27 MTPAs in LNG sales, was instrumental in developing several large LNG export projects in. involved The United States, and several major international pipelines. Linden Energy has been a 10% capacity owner of the Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB) pipeline since 2016.

About the Overgas Group

Overgas was founded in 1992 and is the largest Bulgarian private company in the natural gas sector and a leader in the development and provision of infrastructure services, particularly in the field of gasification. The main activities of the Overgas Group encompass the entire chain of research and development, supply, distribution and sale of natural gas at both wholesale and retail level. Overgas Inc. AD is the largest independent natural gas supplier and trader in the market. It is the first to gain access to the infrastructure network that paves the way for market opening. Overgas Mrezhi AD is part of the Overgas Group, Bulgaria largest gas supply company currently serving over 81,000 end customers. The distributor currently has over 2,500 km of pipeline inside Bulgaria with plans for rapid expansion in the near future.

Linden Energy website: www.Linden.Energie

Overgas website: www.overgas.bg

View original content to download multimedia:https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-based-linden-energy-agrees-to-acquire-50-stake-in-bulgarias-largest-privately-owned-gas-company-301328226.html

SOURCE Linden energy

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European partners are on the Skopje website – EURACTIV.com https://moiteplanini.com/european-partners-are-on-the-skopje-website-euractiv-com/ https://moiteplanini.com/european-partners-are-on-the-skopje-website-euractiv-com/#respond Wed, 07 Jul 2021 06:58:30 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/european-partners-are-on-the-skopje-website-euractiv-com/

Bulgaria‘s Executive Prime Minister Stefan Yanev has complained to the Slovenian Ambassador that ÖOur European partners take sides, tolerate North Macedonia and blame Bulgaria for no real and well-founded reason. ”

Yanev made the comment at a meeting with Ambassador Andrzej Franges on Tuesday to discuss issues on the European agenda in the context of the priorities of the Slovenian EU Council Presidency, which began on July 1st.

The subject of EU enlargement and the European horizon of North Macedonia were discussed, among other things. Yanev reiterated Bulgaria’s position and basic support for the European perspective of North Macedonia and Albania, stressing the need for more effective dialogue and real will to resolve the differences between Sofia and Skopje, the government press service said.

The Prime Minister stressed that Sofia needed real action to protect human rights and eliminate hate speech.

Bulgaria vetoed EU accession talks with North Macedonia in November 2020. This concerned Albania, the other candidate country in the Western Balkans, which is making progress in the package with Skopje on its way into the EU. The Bulgarian veto came as a surprise to many, as the country is a strong supporter of EU enlargement to include the Western Balkans.

(Krassen Nikolov | EURACTIV.bg)

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Covid-19: Bulgaria is updating country color coding https://moiteplanini.com/covid-19-bulgaria-is-updating-country-color-coding/ https://moiteplanini.com/covid-19-bulgaria-is-updating-country-color-coding/#respond Tue, 06 Jul 2021 06:45:48 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/covid-19-bulgaria-is-updating-country-color-coding/

The Minister of Health of the caretaker Stoicho Katsarov has issued an order updating the color coding of the countries according to their Covid-19 situation, which sets the rules for arrivals from these countries in Bulgaria.

The rules for arrivals, according to the color coding of a country, can be found in English with this link.

The regulation, which comes into force on July 8th, classifies the following countries as green zones:

Austria, Germany, Estonia, Iceland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, France, Norway, San Marino, Andorra, Monaco, Vatican City.

It is forbidden to arrive in Bulgaria from countries in the Red Zone certain exceptions.

Countries in the red zone are India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar (Burma), Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Seychelles, Namibia, Turmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil , Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Suriname, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Countries with which Bulgaria has a mutual agreement on free movement: Romania, Czech Republic.

Countries where there is information about a significant negative change in the epidemic situation in the country or in some of its territories and therefore specific anti-epidemic measures in relation to arrivals consist of them: Russia, Spain, Cyprus

Entry from these three countries is permitted up to 72 hours before entry into Bulgaria upon presentation of a valid EU Covid-19 certificate or a similar document with a negative result of the PCR test.

The order states that all countries that are not in a green or red zone are classified as an orange zone.

(Sofia airport photo: Ministry of Interior)

For the rest of The Sofia Globe’s ongoing coverage of the Covid-19 situation in Bulgaria please click here.

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Bulgaria is considering incentives to increase COVID-19 vaccinations https://moiteplanini.com/bulgaria-is-considering-incentives-to-increase-covid-19-vaccinations/ https://moiteplanini.com/bulgaria-is-considering-incentives-to-increase-covid-19-vaccinations/#respond Sun, 04 Jul 2021 10:44:00 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/bulgaria-is-considering-incentives-to-increase-covid-19-vaccinations/

SOFIA, July 4 (Reuters) – Bulgaria is considering offering incentives to encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19, Interim Prime Minister Stefan Yanev said on Sunday.

Bulgaria is one of the few countries where people can choose between four different anti-coronavirus vaccinations approved in the European Union. Yet only 14.5% of Bulgarian adults are fully vaccinated, leaving the country far behind its EU counterparts.

In addition to the general distrust of the authorities of the former communist country, Bulgarians often cite the fear of new medical devices as the reason for refusing the vaccination. Another reason is that around 400,000 people have already become infected and developed resistance.

“We don’t plan to force anyone. But we are considering the possibility of offering some coupons to the people who get the second shot,” said Yanev.

Sofia has opened special vaccination stations in parks to make it easier for busy people to vaccinate and is planning campaigns in Roma neighborhoods to convince these communities of the benefits of vaccines.

Failure to increase vaccine intake may force the country to destroy vaccinations that are nearing expiration dates.

Yanev said Bulgaria could face such risk in late August and is working with Brussels to see how it could also donate around 150,000 shots to Western Balkan countries.

The transitional government will remain in office until a new one is formed after the early elections on July 11th.

Reporting by Tsvetelia Tsolova; Editing by Alex Richardson

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Covid-19 in Bulgaria: 16 deaths last day, 0.5% tested positive https://moiteplanini.com/covid-19-in-bulgaria-16-deaths-last-day-0-5-tested-positive/ https://moiteplanini.com/covid-19-in-bulgaria-16-deaths-last-day-0-5-tested-positive/#respond Sat, 03 Jul 2021 07:56:04 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/covid-19-in-bulgaria-16-deaths-last-day-0-5-tested-positive/

Sixteen people in Bulgaria who tested positive for Covid-19 died last day, bringing the country’s disease-related death toll to 18,083, the national information system’s daily report dated July 3.

Of 16,184 tests, 82 – about 0.5 percent – were positive.

To date, 421,983 cases of new coronavirus have been confirmed in Bulgaria, a number that includes the deceased, the active cases and those who have recovered from the virus.

There are 8,618 active cases, down from 287 last day.

The report said 352 people had recovered from the virus the previous day, bringing the total to 395,282.

1313 patients with Covid-19 are in hospital, a decrease from 121 last day, and 155 in intensive care, a decrease of eight.

No medical staff tested positive the previous day, bringing the total to 13,445 so far, again a number that includes the deceased, the active cases, and those who have recovered from the virus.

The report said that 11,731 vaccine doses against Covid-19 were administered in Bulgaria last day, bringing the total to 1,785,306 since Bulgaria began its vaccination campaign on December 27, 2020.

A total of 818,364 people completed the vaccination cycle, including 6,189 on the previous day.

For the rest of The Sofia Globe’s ongoing coverage of the Covid-19 situation in Bulgaria please click here.

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Covid-19 in Bulgaria: 361 dead last month https://moiteplanini.com/covid-19-in-bulgaria-361-dead-last-month-2/ https://moiteplanini.com/covid-19-in-bulgaria-361-dead-last-month-2/#respond Thu, 01 Jul 2021 09:39:04 +0000 https://moiteplanini.com/covid-19-in-bulgaria-361-dead-last-month-2/

According to the national information system, a total of 361 people who tested positive for Covid-19 died in Bulgaria in June.

This is the lowest Covid-19 death toll since a month in 2021 in Bulgaria.

The death toll from Covid-19 in Bulgaria was January 1469, February 1146, March 3006, April 3202 and May 1301.

As previously reported by The Sofia Globe, the death toll from Covid-19 in Bulgaria is 18 061 according to the National Information System report dated July 1.

In June, the number of active cases fell by 9583 to the current 9111.

The number of patients with Covid-19 in the hospital in Bulgaria decreased by 1573 to 1481, and the number in the intensive care unit decreased by 169 to 179.

Bulgaria received a total of 395,354 vaccine doses for Covid-19 in June, bringing the total to 1,761,277 since the country began its vaccination campaign on December 27, 2020.

In June, a total of 245 088 people completed the vaccination cycle, meaning they received either a second dose or a single dose vaccination. According to the national information system, the current total is 805,473.

For the rest of The Sofia Globe’s ongoing coverage of the Covid-19 situation in Bulgaria please click here.

The Sofia Globe’s reporting on the Covid-19 situation in Bulgaria is supported by the embassies of Switzerland and Finland.

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