Can I enter Bulgaria from the UK? Latest holiday update for the Green List

MORE countries have been added to the green list, giving the British more hope for a sunny vacation abroad this summer.

Everything you need to know about a vacation to Bulgaria can be found here, including the popular Sunny Beach resort.


Bulgaria will be put on the green list on July 19 – but the British may still not be able to visitImage credit: AFP

Can I go on vacation in Bulgaria?

As of Monday 19 July, Bulgaria will be on the green list, which will allow Brits to travel to the European country without the need for quarantine upon their return.

However, the British will still NOT be able to travel to Bulgaria after the UK is placed on their Red List.

This means that all entrants are prohibited from entering, except in limited circumstances – where holidays do not count.

What are the travel restrictions in Bulgaria?

British vacationers cannot travel to Bulgaria even if they are vaccinated.

The United Kingdom will be placed on its own Red List from July 19, coinciding with Freedom Day in Great Britain.

There are exceptions to the rule, including health professionals or seasonal workers.

However, the holiday has been canceled and Britons are advised to speak to their airline or tour operator about cancellations.

Not the only country considered a red zone by Bulgaria, the UK is also Cyprus, Spain, Fiji and Kuwait.

Brits are advised to check the advice of the Foreign Office before traveling abroad as many countries have their own version of the UK traffic light system.

The latest changes follow after 50,000 Covid cases were recorded daily in the UK for the first time since mid-January on Friday.

Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca were tapped on the amber list as a strike against British vacationers – as Croatia and Bulgaria turn green

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