Cabinet of caretakers appoints operation task force to unload stranded ship off Bulgarian coast –

A task force was set up to coordinate the unloading of fertilizers on a Panamanian-flagged ship that fell into cliffs in the Black Sea off the coast of northern Bulgaria, threatening severe seawater pollution.

Transport Minister Hristo made the decision for the task force. known Alexiev after the weekly government meeting on Wednesday.

“We have two main priorities: the environment and human health”, he said.

the Ship, Vera Su, was on its way to the port of Varna with 3,300 t of urea and 20 t of fuel stranded September 20th. The place where it is located is part of an EU-wide network of protected areas.

The shipowner was asked to take action, but only suggested that the urea be dumped into the sea. The Bulgarian authorities took matters into their own hands on September 26th when it became clear that the Vera Su was leaking urea into the sea. A floating crane started unloading the urea, but some quantities were thrown into the sea and the operation was suspended.

On September 29, it was announced that the entire operation would be shut down due to bad weather.

The Transport Minister said massive waves could force the evacuation of Vera Su 9 crew members.

He also said that almost all of the fuel has been drained from the ship, with only a small amount left for the electricity.
The minister said he found “criminal irresponsibility for the past few years” during his visit to the area on Tuesday.

“In such cases, there are no rules or procedures. Neither the state nor the private sector has allocated resources for such emergencies. All available resources have been mobilized, but they have proven to be insufficient – and all of this happens despite the fact that the law clearly states.” how the state must prepare for such situations “, said the minister.

Alexiev added that five plans for unloading the ship and retreating into the deep sea were being developed at the same time. / bta

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