Burien has a new mayor: Sofia Aragon

By Ruth Bayang
Northwest Asian weekly newspaper

Sofia Aragon (Provided by the City of Burien)

“I have some really big shoes to fill.”

Sofia Aragon said so in her speech on January 10, after the Burien City Council voted to elect her for a two-year term as mayor.

Aragon is the executive director of the Washington Center for Nursing, a nonprofit organization focused on building a strong and diverse nursing workforce.

She is the first colored mayor of Burien.

Aragon praised outgoing mayor Jimmy Matta, who became the city’s first Latino mayor in 2018, for his “willingness to reach out to parishioners, regardless of whether they agree or disagree with the issues discussed by the city council”.

Matta will continue to serve as a council member.

Aragon, who is Filipino, was nominated by Councilor Kevin Schilling and received support from newly elected Councilor Stephanie Mora and Matta and Schilling.

Newly-elected Councilor Sarah Moore, nominated by newly-elected Councilor Hugo Garcia, received support from Garcia and Councilor Cydney Moore.

Immediately after the council voted, Sarah Moore congratulated Aragon, who then praised Moore for her own willingness to “exercise this leadership.”

Aragon called the mayor’s role a “serving leadership”. I’m really here to support all of the council, to make sure we as a whole are functioning as well as possible to work for the best in town. But it’s my job to make sure we have these thorough discussions so that everyone is heard. “

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