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UPDATE: Ship’s chef of Bulgarian nationality has died. All crew members tested positive and although the PCR test was officially recognized (at least by the CDC) as “not reliable”, the Covid outbreak emergency was declared, of course without any information about the crew’s vaccination status.

The bulk carrier TSAREVNA reported the deaths of crew members on board upon arrival at Varna Anchorage, Bulgaria, from Mariupol, Ukraine, on the night of December 30th. The ship reportedly called Varna to change crew and get supplies. According to the authorities, seaman died of Covid. 18 crew members include 17 Bulgarian and 1 Ukrainian nationality. Of course, no information was given about the exact symptoms or causes of death of the seaman, and his rank and “vaccination status” were not disclosed. As always, nothing specific. Well, it is quite common and widespread to explain without further details to seafarers who died of Covid in order to shorten questions, doubts, “vaccination delay”. Will we ever find out the truth about seafarers killed or maimed by “vaccines”, how many fell victim to this “covid / vaccine” crime against humanity? Are those responsible for forcing seafarers to jab identified and prosecuted? Are they hanged for what they are, for being war criminals, according to the Nuremberg Code? Let us hope and pray that justice will be served, hopefully in the coming New Year. Best wishes for the new year I think.
Bulk carrier TSAREVNA, IMO 9145231, dwt 21470, built in 2004, flag Malta, manager NAVIBORN, Varna.

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