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That migrant Print along our border with Turkey is unprecedented. This was announced by the Director of the Main Directorate.border police“, Ch. Commissioner Rositsa Dimitrova for the Bulgarian National Radio.

Blocked attempts at the Bulgarian border, Bulgarian-Turkish border for a week in September equates to blocked attempts to cross the border throughout 2020. The failed attempts to cross the Bulgarian-Turkish border last week are more than the failed attempts throughout 2019‘ said the director border policeRositsa Dimitrova, in an interview with Nova TV.

Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev, for his part, stated that the migrant Print at our border is decreasing. While at peak times 1,600 people tried to enter the country illegally every day, the number is now only 600.

Commenting on the detention of migrants on the Trakia highway on Friday, Demerdzhiev called for legislative changes related to tougher penalties for traffickers:

The chase was caused by ten people being loaded into a Porsche Cayenne, a luxury car, and driven across the highway to reach the border with Serbia. It was driven by an Estonian citizen, which is absurd, and here it is time to appeal to the National Assembly. The fact that a large part of the actions related to such illegal trade is not criminalized makes people from all over Europe – there are almost no Bulgarians among the migrant transporters – come here, yes engage in this activity, and we should there is only one reason for fighting – that we don’t have severe enough penalties” said Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev at the competition for traffic policeman of the year.

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