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Bulgarian President Rumen Radev called “those who insisted on sending military aid Ukraine either behave irresponsibly because they could not assess the risks Bulgaria or because they were ignorant.”

During a visit to Plovdiv, the head of state said that in the first hours of the war he had convened a consultative meeting of the country’s government, at which it had clearly and unequivocally condemned the aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. The President stressed that Bulgaria is a loyal member of NATO and the EU and in solidarity with our partners and allies, but “You get the feeling that a lot of people are talking without having an opinion of their own” and speak according to the requirements of our partners.

“People who instill these militaristic sentiments and constantly insist on accomplishment weapons make no significant differences. Unlike our partners Bulgaria much closer to this conflict – we have a real common border on the Black Sea. We also have a huge historical diaspora in Ukraine. We are much more dependent on Russian gas. So the people making the decision have to consider the safety of the Bulgarians. Others, I think, do it out of ignorance, without even assessing the risk,” said Rumen Radev.

The head of state put several questions to politicians who want to provide military aid Ukraine: Assessment of aviation security levels for residents from Durankulak to Sofia; the condition of the Bulgarian fighter plane; how long our Euro-Atlantic allies will be in the country – the Dutch Air Force is here until the end of May, whether there are any plans after that and what the state of the Bulgarian radar system is.

“Let these people answer these questions. According to the phased response plans with our allies, do they know what the deadlines are and what is the process of the delegated forces that need to get here? What capacities will they have? If they know the answers to those questions and they insist, so their behavior is irresponsible, if they don’t, it’s just plain ignorant.”

Radev indicated that the suspension of Russian gas was due to intermediaries

According to the president, Europe is late in making a joint decision on Russian gas as Russia has long warned about what could happen. Radev stressed that he was not justifying the Russian side for violating their agreement Bulgaria:

“The question is what did Bulgaria do so, knowing that such a potential danger existed. Has Bulgargaz signed a direct supply deal for May? If so what would be the price – probably 70 euros. Are there contracts for intermediaries, why did intermediaries appear? MET Energy – at what price, MM ENERGY – at what price? If it turns out that intermediaries come into play, something I talked about in the removal of the former management of Bulgargaz, isn’t that intentional? If the price increases by 30%, hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians and small and medium-sized businesses will be on the brink, how will we take this blow? If the solution is new bailout loans, one day the economy will collapse.”

The Bulgarian Socialist Party will find a way to remain in the coalition

rumen Radev believes that when a decision is finally made to send military aid Ukrainethe BSP leadership “will find a formulation that is not responsible when something is broadcast, but remains in the coalition.”

Accident involving a NSS car on the way to Plovdiv

Radev also commented on the incident with the National Security Service (NSS) car, which ran in front of the President’s car on the way to Plovdiv.

“The NSS car in front of me had an accident – ​​an overtaking truck jumped up. My team’s doctor, whom I immediately got into my car and drove to a hospital in Plovdiv, was injured – he has a broken elbow. Traffic was heavy, Plovdiv is an industrial city, heavy transport equipment is running. It’s high time to solve the problems with the Plovdiv bypass, the incident happened in the narrowest sections of the road.” said Rumen Radev.

Earlier today, the NSS announced that two of its employees were injured after being hit by a truck that was going into the oncoming lane around 10am today. The service indicated that the victims had been in contact and were taken to a medical facility for examination. The NSS also said that the NSS service car, which was not carrying a guard, was damaged.

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