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The sale of Laugh gas to minors is forbidden, even on the Internet.

Parliament finally voted on the amendments to the health law, which include a ban on sales laughing gas and fillers with it, including online, to persons under the age of 18, on the territory of kindergartens, schools, student residences, medical institutions, at sporting events organized for children and students, as well as at public events organized for children and students such as in closed public places. The usage of Laugh gas is also prohibited in these places.

Reports in Bulgaria and abroad are unequivocal – the use of this substance in large quantities leads to permanent damage to health, sometimes life-threatening, the threat of impaired reproductive capacity, disruption of brain functions

The bill also creates national programs to prevent the sale and use of laughing gas for children.

GERB MP Kostadin Angelov explained that the problem has been solved in many European countries.

Ireland has criminalized the sale of Laugh Gas. The Danish government enacted a package of measures to restrict sales in 2020 following a series of worrying incidents laughing gas to minors. From June 2021 the sale of laughing gas to minors in France is prohibited in all shops, public places and on the Internet, depending on the packaging. And the credit for this draft law, I must say, goes to the Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mrs. Diana Kovacheva“.

Parliament also introduced penalties and bans. The fine for individuals is from 800 BGN to 1,500 BGN and in case of recurrence up to 3,000 BGN. If the violation is committed by an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity, a pecuniary fine of up to BGN 6,000 is imposed, and in case of repeated violation – up to BGN 12,000.

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