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The Bulgarian Ministry of Health announced on August 2 that it had endorsed the recommendations of an expert panel to voluntarily administer a second booster dose of the mRNA vaccine to all people aged 18 and over who had received a primary course of the Janssen vaccine against Covid19.

The second booster dose can be given at least four months after the first booster dose in people who have been immunized with the Janssen vaccine.

The Department of Health listed categories of people aged 18 and over who were strongly advised to receive a second booster dose of the mRNA vaccine.

The categories are people with compromised immune systems, transplant patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy, chronic dialysis patients, cancer patients, residents and staff in retirement homes, healthcare professionals involved in the management of patients with Covid-19, and those aged 65 and over.

In a number of EU member states (including Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Malta), it is possible to receive a second booster vaccination after primary immunization with the Janssen vaccine, according to the mRNA vaccine ministry, “due to the lower effectiveness of this vaccine and the need to boost the immune response over a period of time”

A second booster vaccination against Covid-19 may be administered at the vaccination centers of the Regional Health Inspectorate of Bulgaria, the practices of family doctors and in medical facilities for inpatient and outpatient medical care.

From August 3, the National Immunization Registry – part of the National Health Information System – will allow registration of a second booster mRNA vaccine given to people who have received a primary series of the Janssen vaccine.

Those who receive this second booster vaccination will receive a vaccination card of the same type as for the first booster vaccination, except that the certificate states 3/3.

This certificate, like the certificate for the first booster vaccination, is valid indefinitely, unless the European regulation provides otherwise, the Ministry of Health announced.

(Photo: Ministry of Health)

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