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Price increase from heating and hot water by 60 percent from the New Year if the state does not compensate heating Businesses powered by natural gas. This was stated for BNT by the chairman of the association heating Company Kremen Georgiev.

Trending, of course gas is somewhat unstable, as we now know Price should go down, but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way all winter, so new price levels are needed from January 1st for the Price of thermal energy must be increased by at least 60%, but we indicate that this should be done if the compensations for heating Systems are not allowed because of the high price. Then that increase will either not occur or will not be significant‘ said Georgiev.

Acting Energy Minister Rosen Hristov told BNT that the measures prepared by the cabinet will target those most affected increase in blue fuel, but will be linked to specific commitments by the energy efficiency industry.

The level of support, at least what I propose, depends on commitments from those responsible for savings, optimization, energy efficiency‘ Rosen Hristov said.

Earlier todayHristov assured that the government’s forecasts are stable gas Deliveries during the heating Season.

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