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At the moment we have an incarceration of morbidity – from September 2nd, 3rd, said in “The day begins with Georgi Lyubenov” the epidemiologist Prof. Mira Kozhuharova. The fourth wave goes around the world, in our country it is not so steep, which affects the number of people who are treated in hospital.

Prof. Kozhuharova pointed out that the capacities of the hospitals are very carefully not exhausted, people can receive medical care.

“Another problem is that many of them would not need such health care if they had been vaccinated,” he said Epidemiologist.

Prof. Kozhuharova, who is also an advisor to the Minister of Health, defended the measures introduced, as they were implemented in time, and pointed to the smooth development of the patients. They would be a lot less if they had been vaccinated, she said.

The epidemiologist advised people to avoid unnecessary contact and stated that this advice applies to those at higher risk, those who have not been vaccinated.

Prof. Kozhuharova commented that there has never been a lockdown in the real sense of this measure in our country – there was no lock at home and no going out.

“There is no talk of a lockdown at the moment. Of course, some measures can be more compulsory and strict, but it makes sense to do so at the county level. For example, where there is a problem with the capacity of hospitals. “” Said Prof. Kozhuharova.

Concern was about the need to educate children online, the concept for now is that students should study normally because the educational gaps that have been closed last year and possibly now have very far-reaching implications, she added.


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