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Bulgaria resists the “Escalation of military measures“Before all diplomatic means are used to resolve tensions along the Russian-Ukrainian border. This the Minister declared for defense Stefan Janev.

“At this point in time, we consider it counterproductive to escalate military measures on the Alliance’s eastern flank before all other diplomatic means are used to alleviate the tensions Ukraines borders with the Russian Federation “, Yanev said in response to a parliamentary question about the deployment of additional military units on the territory of Bulgaria and the implementation of the Allied obligations under the plans for “increased presence at the front“On the eastern flank of the Alliance.

Yanev stresses that the political and military leadership of the Ministry of defense monitors the development of the situation using all information channels in union and national format. All activities necessary to analyze and assess the situation are carried out. We actively participate in consultations at all levels in NATO

“If necessary, due to a change in the environment and an escalation of the situation, the Ministry for defense will propose to the Council of Ministers options for decision-making by the competent Bulgarian authorities, including the National Assembly “, said the Defense Minister.

When asked about the official position of the Ministry of defense as an element of the general policy of the Council of Ministers on the immediate risks to Bulgaria due to Russia’s aggressive actions in the region, Stefan Yanev I answered the following:

“I would like to emphasize that there is currently no national position of the Council of Ministers, as there are currently the options for NATO‘s answer to the growing tensions on the borders of Ukraine discussions are being held with Russia on a military-technical level. A possible final union decision will require a formal opinion based on the results of this process. “

The Ministry of defense examines the disturbed balance of forces in the Black Sea, the increased military presence and military exercises on the Russian border Ukraine, the ongoing militarization of the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula and Russia, and the violation of the freedom of navigation in the Kerch Strait and the Azov Sea Region as serious factors worsening the security environment.

Stefan Yanev reminds that at the NATO Summit in Wales in 2014, the following measures were decided in connection with the growing Russian threat: measures to increase security (assurance measures) and measures to adapt to the alliance (adaptation measures), which in fact determine the actions of the alliance. They are adapted to the respective regions and threats and are intended to ensure the security of all allies along the entire eastern flank.

Four multinational battalions were deployed in Poland and the Baltic States as part of the “increased presence at the front“. The situation in our region is a little different.

In the Black Sea region, a package of measures for “adapted front presence“was adopted in the region, with the main emphasis on the naval and air components with elements of the ground component of the armed forces. The deterrent effect of these measures is mainly due to the creation of conditions for a more visible NATO Presence in the Black Sea region and increasing the capacity and interoperability of the Allies by conducting exercises with Allied forces, “said Stefan Yanev.

According to him, Bulgaria is actively involved in the implementation of the package of seven main measures for “adapted front presence“in the Black Sea. These include: the intensification of the joint training of our armed forces with other allies; our involvement with staff officers and affiliated units at the headquarters of the multinational brigade” Southeast “in Craiova; our active contribution to the allied air training and creation of conditions for strengthening the air policing mission, signing a protocol amending the agreement between the government of the republic Bulgaria and the Romanian government on cross-border air traffic control operations; Creation of conditions for the reception of allied units of Naval Patrol Aviation via military airports in the building, national participation in joint exercises in the optimized schedule of NATO Deployments of the permanent naval forces (SNSF) for the use in the Black Sea and last but not least the construction and the offer for part of the NATO Troop structure of the regional naval coordination center in Varna.


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