Bulgaria should learn from China’s experience: Minister

SOFIA, September 29 (Xinhuanet) – Bulgaria‘s Justice Minister Yanaki Stoilov said here on Wednesday that his country should learn from China’s experience and that Sofia and Beijing should further expand bilateral cooperation.

Stoilov’s remarks came in a letter to an international conference marking the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The event was jointly organized by the Bulgarian National Belt and Road Association, the Chinese People’s Institute for Foreign Affairs, the Silk Road Think Tank Association and the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria.

Modern China is inextricably linked with the CCP, Stoilov wrote. The 100-year history of the CCP not only continues, “it also sets the direction and content of reforms and the development of Chinese society and the Chinese state.”

Stoilov, who is also a former vice chairman of the Bulgarian National Assembly, said China’s role on the international scene has become increasingly tangible and has achieved impressive successes over the past few decades.

Hundreds of millions of citizens have been lifted out of poverty and an impressive middle class has emerged there, he said.

He was convinced that the experience of China and its political leadership in strategic planning and the coherence of reforms would be useful for Bulgaria and deserve serious attention.

The development of the strategic partnership between Bulgaria and China, the bilateral relations between state institutions and political parties, “is beneficial to our peoples and states,” said Stoilov.

Chinese Ambassador to Bulgaria Dong Xiaojun, who spoke in person before the event, said that while China and Bulgaria have different historical backgrounds, national conditions and development paths, they both shoulder the difficult task of meeting people’s common expectations in line with development meet trend of the times.

“Looking ahead to the new era, I have full confidence in the future development of Sino-Bulgarian relations,” said Dong.

“My colleagues in the embassy and I are ready to continue building bridges and contribute to the friendly cooperation between the two countries,” he said.

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