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The fourth wave of Covid-19 continues to disrupt our rhythm of life. On Monday, BulgariaDeputy Minister of Education and Science, Professor Nikolay Denkov, told journalists that the number of quarantined teachers has doubled and the number of quarantined students has quadrupled since the start of the new school year. The Gabrovo district is in the most critical situation as middle and high school students have switched to distance learning by the end of the week. The situation is no better in the districts of Kyustendil, Yambol, Vidin and Montana. Several classes from five schools in the city of Vidin have switched to online learning, but local authorities do not plan to introduce distance learning for all students.

“Some of the new cases of Covid-19 are with teachers, but most of the new infections are with students,” said Dr. Ventsislav Vladinski, Director of the Regional Health Inspectorate-Vidin for the BNR.

The number of new infections with Covid-19 in the Vidin district continues to rise. Just over 200 people were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus in August, while their number rose to over 790 in September. According to Dr. Vladinski’s words, the Delta variant accounts for 99% of all cases of Covid-19. Children, adolescents and young and active people under 30 are particularly affected.

What should we do to prevent the expected result?

Last month, the Vidin district was on the red Covid-19 list for coronavirus morbidity. In terms of the number of vaccines administered, it is also at the bottom of the ranking. According to the director of the regional health inspection, only 11% -12% of the total population in the Vidin region, that is almost 80,000 people, have received Covid-19 vaccinations.

Despite the dramatic numbers and the increasing number of newly infected and deceased Bulgarians, confidence in vaccines remains unsatisfactory. Out of every 7 million Bulgarians, only 1,340,793 have completed their vaccination cycle.

“Unfortunately, most political parties show no responsibility in this regard due to the volatile political situation in Bulgaria in the past year. Most democratic countries made vaccination compulsory or encouraged vaccination through various incentives. Bulgaria has neither made vaccination compulsory nor encouraged vaccination because the parties did not want to lose political divisions, “said MEP Petar Vitanov, member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety

The information about fake vaccination certificates in. were issued Bulgaria is becoming a big problem, says MEP Vitanov. A few days ago, the country’s health minister, Stoycho Katsarov, told journalists that the prosecutor had received dozens of signals about fake vaccination certificates.

“This is downright obscene and can be described as irresponsibility that borders on a crime,” said MEP Vitanov for the BNR-Plovdiv. – In Bulgaria, the number of people vaccinated is many times higher than in other European countries. The number of vaccinated Bulgarians diagnosed with coronavirus infection is much larger compared to other countries. Bulgaria does not use inferior vaccines, which automatically means that something is going wrong in this country, because if the Covid-19 vaccine is effective in Germany and Italy, for example, it should also be in Bulgaria as. This leads us to suspect that fake certificates are issued in Bulgaria. As a result, Europe could stop recognizing Bulgarian vaccination certificates. “

According to MEP Petar Vitanov, the EU institutions could impose sanctions on Bulgaria if the problem worsens. However, the biggest sanction is the lives lost during the pandemic./BNR

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