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Rising prices of fruit and vegetables in Bulgaria. Is there speculation and why do products cost us differently in different places and markets? In just a month and a half, cherries fell from BGN 35 per kilogram to BGN 3-3.50. Unfortunately others fruit and vegetables remain expensive and people say they are buying less and less.

That market Day in Berkovitsa is Friday. Cucumbers, apricots, strawberries and cherries are mostly bought.

Nadka Mladenova came to shop from a neighboring village. She says she watches prices for hours to decide what the money is for.

Fruit and vegetable growers are concerned about foreign imports

Traders are also complaining about this stock market The prices are high and they cannot provide people with cheaper goods.

Sometimes our customers get angry, but there is no other way” said the trader Kalinka Marinova.

There is a drastic price difference in tomatoes compared to last year‘ says Kalinka. On the Berkovitsa market They cost between 2 and 3 BGN per kilogram while on the Montana market – between 2.50 BGN and 3 BGN.

The Montana dealers tacitly commented that the minimal difference in market Prices were due to quality, not markup. At the moment, nobody is obliged to predict whether the prices of fruit and vegetables will fall in summer.

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