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In the next 24 hours a precipitation situation will develop under the influence of a Mediterranean cyclone passing south of the country. Heavy cumulonimbus clouds will develop and there will be thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and local hail.

Based on the meteorological forecast, Deputy Prime Minister for Climate Policy and Minister for Environment and Water Borislav Sandov ordered the creation of an organization. He gave the order to activate the operational units of the river basin directorates, to change the schedule of the dams and to inform all relevant authorities.

The phenomena in West and South Bulgaria and the Central Front Balkans will be intense, where the total amount of precipitation will reach 50-60 mm, and in some places in the Rhodope region and Ihtiman Sredna Gora – up to 80-100 mm. A red code was also announced in the Smolyan region due to expected flooding.

In the rest of the country totals will be between 15-25mm.

Orange Code has been announced for 14 areas for thunderstorms and torrential rain. Yellow code for five areas.

The lowest rainfall will be up to 10 mm in places in the north-eastern regions and along the Black Sea coast.

A moderate wind will blow from the east quarter. In most parts of the country, the maximum temperatures are between 20° and 25° Celsius, in Sofia around 19°C, on the Black Sea coast 21-22 degrees, in the northern regions 22-24 degrees, in the south Bulgaria – 22-23 degrees.

On Saturday it’s going to be pouring, the temperatures are between 21 and 23 degrees.

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