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As a result of the recalculation, there will be no pensioners in January with a lower basic pension than in December, said Minister of Labor and Social Policy Georgi Gokov at a hearing in parliament.

The hearing takes place at the request of GERB-SDS: “how many pensioner and for what reasons do they receive an income cut compared to the last months of the year 2021 ”.

This problem is a consequence of decisions of the 46th National Assembly, without classifying it as populist, but only as decisions that made the feeling of an unjust approach to the determination arise Pensions, commented Gokov.

The pension for January is no less than that in Decembersaid the minister. He pointed out that this applies to Pensions For employment – Pensions for seniority and age and disability as well as social Pensions for age and disability, Pensions for military and civil disability and private pensions.

The amounts of Pensions from all pensioner are increased since December 25th, 2021, as the average increase in the paid height the pension is 12.9 percent and corresponds to an average increase of 61 BGN or 25 cents. This applies to 2 million and 47,200 retirees. The only exception is for 945 pensionerfor which there is either no change or a reduction in height the pension, said Georgi Gokov. According to him, these are Pensions for which incorrect information is available and which has not been recalculated at this point in time; who have changed the type of pension received – for example, moved to a lower category of disability and incapacity for work; and those for which an official order to change the height the pension has come into force.

The half of pensioner in Bulgaria Received lower Pensions in January than in December

Compared to December 2021, January 2022, 1,068,100 pensioner receive a smaller sum height the pension and the additional height to – Covid supplementsaid the minister. He pointed out that the main reason is that in December the additional height The pension was BGN 120, compared to BGN 60 in January 2022. There is no reduction in the pension; there is an increase in all Pensions, Bulgarians are misled Covid supplement, commented Georgi Gokov.

The new way of determining the height from Pensions after December 25, 2021 and the recalculation of Pensions issued before that date will affect the Pensions the so-called category of workers, for whom there is a difference between the service time in calendar time and the converted total service time, explained Gokov. On this basis, the Pensions For people with insurance experience in the first and second categories of employment, the percentage pension increase was lower than the announced average increase of 12.5 percent, said the minister.

The minister noted that people whose income in January is lower than in December will be compensated and the first payments will be made with the Pensions for February. He pointed out that BGN 104 million will be needed in six months and added that the funds are available.


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