Bulgaria is offering assistance with the Defense Industry Corridor project

We meet with the government. Officials to explain what we can offer: Ambassadors

The Bulgarian ambassador to India, Eleonora Dimitrova, has signaled that her country is ready to support Tamil Nadu with the “Defense Industrial Corridor” project.

“We have defense expertise and can help if necessary,” she said The Hindu on her first state visit on Tuesday.

The ambassador was here to strengthen economic, business and cultural ties between Bulgaria and Tamil Nadu. “We will meet representatives of the state government and explain to them what we can offer,” she said, adding that Bulgaria is a top destination for investment and expansion.

According to the Bulgarian Indo-Asia Chamber of Commerce, the country has the lowest corporate and personal tax rate of 10% of any EU country. And bilateral trade between India and Bulgaria was $ 295 million over the 2020-2021 period. India exported $ 170 million worth of goods to Bulgaria while imports were $ 125 million.

The ambassador noted that Bulgaria is also an attractive place to study for young people. She emphasized that there are both private and public universities in the country that offer various courses. She will meet members of the Film Brotherhood and invite them to make films in Bulgaria. “There is a lot of Hollywood and Bollywood filming in our country and we are inviting the Tamil film industry,” she said.

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