Bulgaria: Flood Emergency Action Plan (EPoA) DREF Operation No. MDRBG003 – Bulgaria


A. Situation Analysis

As a result of heavy rains that fell on the territory of the Plovdiv region in central Bulgaria on September 2, 2022, consecutive floods caused severe damage in a number of settlements in three municipalities along the Stryama River – the municipalities of Karlovo, Kaloyanovo and Maritsa.

Rain is to be expected at this time of the year, but the amount was unexpectedly high (200 l/m2 according to the Plovdiv regional governor, other sources mention 250 l/m2 and an increase in the level of the Stryama river by 3 meters in just 8 hours , broken dams along the Stryama River and its tributaries.

The Karlovo municipality was worst affected, where in the villages of Bogdan, Stoletovo, Karavelovo, Moskovets residential and commercial buildings were flooded, buildings, industrial enterprises and road infrastructure were damaged.
Klisura, Rozino, Slatina and Hristo Danovo.

In part of the village of Bogdan, power was cut, street lighting poles fell, bridges and shafts blocked. Access to populated areas was blocked for several days. The most affected areas are the villages of Karavelovo, Bogdan, Slatina and Voynyagovo in Karlovo Municipality. Public infrastructure – bridges, roads, buildings and homes were badly damaged, over 1 000 people lost personal belongings and other household items.

In the municipality of Kaloyanovo, the floods affected 6 settlements, caused damage to public infrastructure and seriously cut off water supplies. 3,000 people still need clean water today.

The village of Trilistnik, which was flooded by the Stryama River on September 3, 2022 due to a dam bursting, was the hardest hit in the Municipality of Maritsa. Firefighters and volunteers used heavy equipment to clear the entrance and evacuated more than 500 people from the flooded 120 houses. 360 people are affected by the floods.

According to official data from September 15, 2022, there are 147 damaged houses in the village of Bogdan, 132 in the village of Karavelovo, 82 in the village of Voynyagovo and 34 in the village of Slatina in the Karlovo Municipality. A total of 241 refrigerators, 196 water heaters, 226 washing machines, 238 stoves, 214 televisions and 10 freezers. 21 evacuated families need shelter /6 from Karavelovo, 10 from Bogdan and 5 from Slatina/. The exact damage assessment by the local authorities of the affected areas is still ongoing.

Tap water is not suitable for drinking or cooking in the affected villages, as well as in the villages of Rozino and Stoletovo.
Water supply and electricity are not working in some parts of Bogdan and Karavelovo.

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