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Extinguish the Fire in which forest Massif between the villages of Levski and Elshtitsa nearby Panagyurishte continued late into the night. More than 40 firefighters and two teams from forestry companies were on site throughout the night. Teams from Plovdiv also came to help.

Panagyurishte is in a state of partial catastrophe. Two military helicopters are expected to be involved in fighting the fire this morning:

That Fire covered more than 2 thousand hectares of mixed forest, agricultural land was also affected, but no people or buildings were injured.

Until late at night, 10 meter clearings were made to stop the path of the Firebut the threat of its spread is not over yet, said the mayor of PanagyurishteNikola Belishki.

Because often the Fire is becoming widespread and spreading over long distances and if the wind is blowing in the same direction we cannot say at this time that we have guaranteed 100% distribution of the Fire.”

Two helicopters from the Krumovo air base are due to arrive on the ground shortly. All available staff of the regional Fire Service, forest teams and dozens of volunteers were mobilized. The operational center is already on site, which will lead today’s Clear Operations on land and in the air.

Regional Governor Trendafil Velichkov said:

The situation remains complicated. The two helicopters are expected at any moment. The evacuation continues and we continue to control the fire. We hope for no wind that played a nasty trick on us yesterday“. Velichkov expressed hope that later in the day there would be good news.

Miroslav Stoyanov, spokesman for the Interior Ministry of Pazardzhik added:

There are firefighters out Panagyurishte, Pazardzhik, Belovo, Septemvri, Peshtera, Velingrad, supported by teams from Plovdiv and Pirdop. Forester from the forest Farms in the region with all-terrain jeeps, volunteers take part in the extinguishing work. A heavy tracked machine was sent by Asarel Medet to build clearings. There is an exchange with the mayors and the regional administration. It is expected that two helicopters from the Krumovo air base will be involved Clear at any time. There were no reports of injured people or affected houses in the fire area. Work on its localization is actively continued. Police Directorate teams in Panagyurishte provide assistance to citizens“.

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