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The leader of TANNING and former Prime Minister, Boyko Borisovstated that the party can not form a government, as it is confronted with a dialogue refusal by “We Continue the Change”. For this reason, a cabinet with a second and third term is not possible. Borisov considers it unnecessary to bother about a minority government:

It’s not fair to the nation, it’s not fair to the people. To waste time forming a minority government that is not supported. Then for the second party to form a government Of course, that is not supported either, and then we are counting on a possible third term. Without the responsibility of the first two parties, there can be no stability“.

as an option, Borisov pointed to the main political forces uniting around a cabinet of experts to govern in the winter months. According to that TANNING Leaders, the new parliament should extend the validity of this year’s budget.

What else did he do? TANNING Leaders say to party members and the newly elected party MPs:

The GERB-SDS faction in the 48th National Assembly will keep its name, Desislava Atanasova will become the chair of the PG, we propose Rosen Zhelyazkov as the chair of the parliament, Rositsa Kirilova as the deputy chair‘ Borissov announced.

All parties act like they are in a primary election situation and keep promising things they know can’t happen. Why are they so adamant about running away from lectures on certain topics?“, asked Borisovreferring to “We Continue the Change” and “Democratic Bulgaria“, the representatives of which stated that they will not take part in the talks, which are being conducted by Rosen Plevneliev and Solomon Passy.

Boyko Borisov stated that without a government nothing can happen to the national agreement

A minority government is a last resort, when all options have been exhausted we probably will. That is Asen Vassilev’s goal, because he knows the state’s financial situation. Today Bulgaria enters the financial markets again‘ said the leader of TANNINGwho compared the current situation to the expression: “We are flying downhill at high speed – a spiral of debt.”

Therefore her (We continue the change) don’t want us to sit at the table. For the coming year, the state needs around 15 billion,” Borisov also said.

Corresponding Borisovthere is only one way out of the crisis – talks

There’s no point in talking about a first, second and third term – it’s not fair to the people, it’s not fair to waste time when we’re a minority government that is not supported, because the second makes a minority government not to support that and let’s hope for the third term“, drove away Borisov and stated that without the first two parties – TANNING and WCC to take some responsibility, the other parties are represented with 7-8-9 percent each.

There can be no stability‘ said Borisov. He suggested that there should be several days of negotiations after the opening of parliament.

Without talks, there is no point in continuing the torment, but in going to the polls. We don’t want the country to continue living in chaos. Those of us who have been in power, we retire — let the experts come forward and beat the winter.”said the former prime minister.

The leader of TANNING turned to the representatives of his party with a proposal: “To propose to the other political parties to pass a law extending the duration of this budget. This is the only way out and the caretaker governmentwhen it comes to elections, can disburse, compensate, pensions, etc.”

I am putting in place a new budget and I am now telling you that we will be asking for a 30% increase in pensions and an increase in incomes of at least 30%! When we play: who can break more?‘ said Borisov.

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