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Today Bulgarians celebrate Enlightenment Day.

On November 1st, we recognize the work of writers and educators who have upheld the nation’s spiritual values.

That Bulgarian The Academy of Sciences will mark the holiday with a celebration of the 300th anniversary of the saint’s birth Paisius of Hilendar (Paisii Hilendarski) and the 260th anniversary of the creation of “Slavic Bulgarian History” (Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya). The guest of the academic celebration will be President Rumen Radev.

Speaker of the Parliament Vezhdi Rashidov will donate books dedicated to the activities of the National Assembly to the National Library “Ivan Vazov” in Plovdiv.

A procession to mark the 100th anniversary of the first celebration of the Day of spotter takes place in Plovdiv. It will be attended by representative groups from all schools in Plovdiv. The procession starts on the square in front of the Humanities Gymnasium and goes along the central pedestrian zone. At a ceremony in front of the Military Club, teachers are recognized who, together with their students, have taken part in the “People’s spotter and I” project.

This day honors the work of writers, educators and national liberation fighters who have preserved the nation’s spiritual values ​​and morals through the centuries.

Among the names of the most revered folk awakeners are St. John of Rila, Vladislav Gramatik, Paisius of HilendarNeofit Rilski, Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, Hadji Dimitar, Ivan Vazov, Lyuben Karavelov and others.

The glory of the nation’s first scout goes to Paisius of Hilendar, and deservedly so. Our people know and venerate him as Father Paisius. In the distant past, more than two and a half centuries ago, in 1762, Paisius of Hilendar wrote his “Slavic Bulgarian History”. His first follower was bishop Sophronius of Vratsa. In difficult times for the Bulgarians he wrote books about it education and worked for political liberation.

Sophronius of Vratsa, Joasaf Bdinski, Grigoriy Tsamblak, Konstantin Kostenechki, Vladislav Gramatik, Pope Peyo, Matej Gramatik, St. John of Rila, Neofit Bozveli, brothers Dimitar and Konstantin Miladinovi, Georgi S. Rakovski, Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, Ivan Vazov, Stefan Karadzha, Hadji Dimitar, Lyuben Karavelov, Dobri Chintulov and hundreds of other saviors of national consciousness and Bulgarian Self-consciousness.

After the liberation of Bulgaria, both the intelligentsia and the mass of people became aware of the achievement Bulgarian Renaissance writers and revolutionaries who created and directed the atmosphere Bulgarian Spirit to determination to wage a struggle for state sovereignty.

The holiday was first celebrated in Plovdiv in 1909. 1922 Stoyan Omarchevski, Minister of Public Affairs education of Bulgaria, submitted a proposal to the Council of Ministers to set November 1 as the day of Bulgarian folk awakener. From November 1, 1923 it was by decree of Tsar Boris III. Declared a national holiday in memory of deserving Bulgarians. From 1922 to 1945 it was a national holiday. Since 1945, the holiday has been canceled and after a long break, the tradition of the holiday was resumed with the law supplementing the Labor Code, adopted by the 36th National Assembly on October 28, 1992.

The first of November was officially declared the day of the spotter and a day off for all educational institutions in the country.

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