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96 Houses in the villages of Bogdan, Karavelovo and Slatina will be appraised in stages by a civil engineer over the next few days. Conclusions are drawn as to whether the studied dwellings are repairable or should be demolished. Protocols are drawn up on the activities carried out and made available to the property owners. If, according to experts, the building cannot be repaired, the municipality will help organize the documents and their physical removal. Owners whose homes are habitable will be given basic building materials to complete the repairs. Read about the devastating floods that ravaged the region here.

The payment of the one-time social assistance of BGN 375 (EUR 191) by the Social Assistance Agency started today. The money was transferred via bank transfer or to the relevant post offices from where victims can receive it. The agency reminds you of this persons those who have suffered but have not applied for help can still do so – by post, email or in person.

Work continues on the restoration water Supply in the villages affected by the floods. That water The supply in the village of Slatina has been restored. The work of water Care teams are hampered in survival by frequent breakdowns water supply network. Because of this, in some parts of the village of Karavelovo the water was stopped again after the water Power was restored late last week.

That water in the community Karlovo is still not suitable for drinking and cooking as a result of the disaster, but the data shows that the indicators are gradually improving. RHI – Plovdiv is expected to comment on when and in which settlements the non-domestic use ban will be lifted.

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