Borislav Mihailov was re-elected as President of the Bulgarian Football Association –

Borislav Mihailov was re-elected as president of the Bulgarian Football Association. It won the trust of the majority of delegates who voted with 241 votes at the Extraordinary Congress in the National Palace of Culture (the commission validated 480 of the ballots, with 241 votes being the minimum number for the first ballot).

His main rival, Dimitar Berbatov, received 230 votes. The other two candidates for the post received minimal and no support – Hristo Portochanov at 8 and Ivaylo Drazhev at 0.

153 clubs voted from the Sofia zone, 106 from Varna, 128 from Plovdiv and 93 from Veliko Tarnovo.

“Thank you for your trust. I will whole-heartedly work for change in Bulgarian football.” called Borislav Mihailovwho has headed the Bulgarian Football Association since 2005. Dimitar Berbatov indicated a counting violation but was yelled at and booed by some delegates who support Mihailov.

“The result surprises me. I expected a lot more votes for myself. There is a dispute as to whether Bobby will win or whether there should be a runoff. But they announced that Borislav Mihailov wins in the first round. Three of the delegates did not vote at all “, said Portochanov.

Two of the six candidates for president of the Bulgarian Football Association withdrew at the end of the speeches before the start of the vote.

That was Hristo Hristov – president of FC Maritsa Plovdiv and FC Pirdop nominated manager Georgi Zahariev.

The delegates voted in eight sections, each with 60 people. Previously on request from Dimitar Berbatova proposal was considered in each of the eight sections to set up observers for each of the presidential candidates. This is not included in the rules of the Bulgarian Football Association and caused a lot of emotions and tension in the hall.

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