Boris Yachev: We insist on the resignation of the current composition of the KEK –

“The election campaign was gray, now it’s dirty gray. If the goal of the participants is to make the voters hate the voters even more, it will likely be successful. “

This was declared in the “Nova Week” by the leader of the list, Boris Yachev, “Bulgarian patriots – VMRO, Volya and NFSB” in 17 MIR – Plovdiv region.

The candidate said the sangh wanted and wanted a political dialogue, but with the people who had entered the previous parliament it was impossible because they were extremely unprepared for politics.

Boris Yachev insisted that the vote of confidence would only be won by the act of unification, with at least five and a half to six percent of the vote expected for the Patriotic Alliance.

For him, the problem remains with the rehabilitation of the MRF, which may come back to power permanently, and this with the active participation of new parties and the CEC.

“In Turkey, with the support of the state and its institutions, there was massive voter turnout. The new CEC structure has made it possible to fill in ballots anywhere outside of the squares. We demand the resignation of the current CEC structure, ”said the patriot. The alliance is ready to hold a sit-in in front of the Central Election Commission building.


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