bne IntelliNews – Showman Slavi Trifonov’s vehicle is in polls ahead of the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria in July


The Bulgarian Gerb Party, which ruled for a decade, and the popular showman Slavi Trifonov’s newly established political vehicle, There Are Such People (ITN), would receive the same level of support in the July 11th early parliamentary elections as a poll from Gallup International revealed on June 17th.

Another poll carried out by Mediana the day before had shown that ITN would win the election.

“As the campaign begins, the outcome seems increasingly unpredictable,” noted Gallup.

The main intrigue is whether the so-called protest parties – reformist Democratic Bulgaria, ITN and Stand up! Bat out! – the majority will be able to win. Although they currently receive less than 50% of the total vote, support for them is increasing, Gallup noted.

“The other intrigue with symbolic significance is who will come first, considering that there are such people and Gerb-UDF at the moment. gives [the Union of Democratic Forces] are in absolutely the same positions – it’s impossible to predict, ”noted Gallup.

Another intrigue is how many votes democratic Bulgaria will win if support for the formation appears to grow stronger.

The poll found that ITN would get 21.2% of the vote while Gerb-UDF would get 21%. In third place is the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) with 15.9%, followed by democratic Bulgaria with 12.1%, the ethnic-Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) with 11.9%, Stand up! Bat out! with 5.8% and the right-wing extremist coalition The Bulgarian Patriots with 3.5%.

Voter turnout is expected to be higher than it was on April 4 – 58.2% of respondents said they would definitely vote, while 16.4% would most likely vote.


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