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At least a quarter of COVID-19 survivors are developing psychologically and psychiatric problems. the virus also has a serious impact on the psyche of medical Employees. This is shown by studies from China, but these data are confirmed in Bulgariasaid Dr. Stefan Popov, head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University Hospital “St. George ”in Plovdiv.

More and more patients recovering physically after COVID-19 are developing psychiatric and neurological problems. And it’s not just people who have them virus, Experts say.

“At least 25% of the people who Covid have some psychiatric symptoms. They range from mild to moderate to severe anxiety, depressive reactions of varying degrees, insomnia, and most importantly, a new one COVID Phobia is a fear in many people that is already becoming an illness, and it is constantly being checked “, said Assoc. Prof. Stefan Popov, Head of the Psychiatry Clinic at St. George University Hospital in Plovdiv.

Through constant testing, this woman is fighting her fear of COVID-19.

“Before I COVID I did tests every other day because I was very scared, after the vaccination I had a moment of rest, a period, but then I got scared again and so on until I got really sick. I got infected, but thanks to the vaccines Covid was easier to get through, but the fear has not left me, I continue to do tests “, said one patient.

However, people with such problems rarely seek the help of specialists, and their complaints deepen. The situation is similar with doctors, who are also severely affected by COVID-19.

“Colleagues are not immune to the stigma of not seeking psychiatric counseling, but they are definitely suffering from what we call very serious personal hardship,” he said. said Assoc. Prof. Stefan Popov.

If the pandemic lasts another year, there will be tons of burnout cases among doctors, Assoc predicts. Prof. Popov. According to him, first-line medical professionals need not only additional financial, but also psychologically Help.


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