57 candidates for the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria in November worked for secret services of the communist era

57 of the candidates in the early parliamentary elections in Bulgaria on November 14th worked for the country’s communist-era intelligence, state security or the Bulgarian People’s Army intelligence service, the Dossier Commission announced on November 1st.

Of a total of 5089 MPs, 2065 were examined. The rest have not been reviewed because of an exemption in the statute for those too young to be recruited by the State Security.

Only among the parties and coalitions running in the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria, the coalition of Democratic Bulgaria has no former state security officers among its candidates.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has the most, followed by the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, the Ultranationalist Patriotic Front and the Russophiles for Revitalizing the Patriotic Coalition.

Also on the list are Boiko Borissov’s GERB-UDF coalition, the National Union of the Right (an electoral coalition of the parties of Petar Moskov and Tsvetan Tsvetanov), the party Kiril Petkov-Assen Vassilev We Continue the Change, Slavi Trifonov’s ITN, the High Bulgaria ! We are coming ”coalition, VMRO and Volen Siderov’s Ataka party.

Some of the names announced by the Dossier Commission were announced earlier, for example as a result of controls in the run-up to previous elections.

Bulgaria’s constitution does not allow lustration, so identification as an employee of the communist-era intelligence services is not an obstacle to elected public office. Among those previously identified by the Dossier Commission are two-time Bulgarian President Georgi Purvanov, former Deputy Prime Minister and VMRO leader Krassimir Karakachanov, and Bozhidar Dimitrov, Minister without Portfolio in the first Borissov government.

The Dossier Commission named:

Angel Russev (Vuzhrazhdane)

Boiko Kletschkov (BSP)

Boriso Zlatarov (Ataka)

Valentin Hristov (Bulgarian National Association)

Valentin Vatsev (Russophile for the Revival of the Fatherland)

Valentin Zayakov (BSP)

Vangel Arabadzhiev (“Raise Bulgaria! We are coming”)

Vassil Subev (We continue the change)

Velizar Enchev (BSP)

Ventsislaw Ivanov (MIR)

Schiffin Kolev (Patriotic Front)

Vladimir Chuchuev (Russophile for the Revival of the Fatherland)

Vladimir Gurbelov (Patriotic Front)

Georgi Vulchev (Patriotic Front)

Georgi Angelov (right)

Georgi Georgiev (Russophile for the Revival of the Fatherland)

Georgi Vdovichin (GERB-UDF)

Georgi Popovski (Patriotic Front)

Georgi Georgiev (VMRO)

Gosho Georgiev (Bulgarian National Union New Democracy)

Darin Kinov (“Raise Bulgaria! We are coming”)

Daud Ibryam (MRF)

Dahil Selim (“Raise Bulgaria! We are coming”)

Dencho Boyadzhiev (BSP)

Dimitar Kerushev (Patriotic Front)

Emil Dinev (Volya)

Emil Vladimirov (Ataka)

Emil Georgiev (BSP)

Ercan Ahmed (We continue the change)

Zhivko Chaparov (Vuzrazhdane)

Ivan Hinovski (ITN)

Ivan Tarpomanov (Bulgarian Progressive Line)

Ivan Koinarski (GERB-UDF)

Krassimir Karakachanov (VMRO)

Maxim Velkov (Bulgarian National Association)

Mehmed Yumer (MRF)

Milcho Pelov (Volya)

Mincho Minchev (BSP)

Nako Stefanov (Russophile for the Revival of the Fatherland)

Nikolai Radulov (ITN)

Radko Handzhiev (Russophile for the Revival of the Fatherland)

Radko Radev (Ataka)

Radoslav Kutiyski (BSP)

Ramadan Atalay (MRF)

Roumen Gechev (BSP)

Sando Zahariev (MRF)

Saschko Lozanov (BSP)

Svetla Zlateva (National Union of Rights)

Sivo Sivov (BSP)

Slavi Netsov (Volya)

Stefan Dedev (GERB-UDF)

Stojan Vitanov (BSP)

Stojan Stojanow (MRF)

Tasko Ermenkov (BSP)

Toma Tomov (We continue the change)

Hristo Dunchev (Green Party)

Hristo Smolenov (VMRO).

(Photo: Dossier Commission)

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